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Promo Post: Anywhere you Go by Keelan Ellis (Review + Giveaway)

Anywhere you Go by Keelan Ellis


Jess Early and Eli Dunn, owners of Ruth’s Haven Bed and Breakfast, love married life. Every jealousy bump and insecure thought is just another expected growing pain. But with Jess redefining his relationship with his best friend and ex-fiancée Cassie and Eli’s friend Travis staying with the guys while going through marital problems of his own, things haven’t been feeling quite right between them.

Not to forget, the home’s ghostly previous owners, Clay Bailey and Silas Denton, still reside in their former bedroom and delight in making their presence known—including invading Travis’s dreams in an attempt to help. They give Travis a vivid glimpse of their adventurous trip to Paris in the early 1960s and some insight about his marriage.

With tensions mounting, Eli’s father suffers a heart attack. Now Jess and Eli must remain strong and at the same time confront their evolving feelings. The young couple’s struggles become a lesson in the true meanings of love, loyalty and marriage.


“You feel better now?”
Jess lifted Eli’s hand to his lips and kissed it. “Much,” he said. He glanced into the back seat where Travis was still dead to the world. “Actually, I’m turned on.”
“What? Why?”
Jess shrugged and said, “Remembering when we were in school. How I used to go home and jerk off over you every time we hung out. Think he’d stay asleep if I find a place to pull off and park?”
Eli grinned. “You want to do it outside, even though we’re twenty minutes from our own comfy bed?”
“First off, I don’t want to wait twenty minutes. Second, outside sounds like fun. Our first time was outside.”
“Well, technically--”
“Fuck technically. Our first time was outside.”
Eli nodded and chewed on his lower lip, thinking. “Okay. I know where to go.” He took a series of turns that led them away from the highway they’d been driving on, through some suburban neighborhoods, and finally onto a winding country road where the lights were few and far between. He turned from that one onto a road that was barely paved, with large chunks of asphalt missing.
“Well shit, don’t wake up the drunk,” Jess whispered.
Travis murmured something incoherent from the back seat, and then commenced snoring again.
“Yeah, I wouldn’t worry too much,” Eli replied. He took one more turn, down a trail that looked like it was mostly used by three-wheelers, and then finally stopped. “Is that emergency blanket still in the trunk?”
“The one your daddy put in there when we bought this car? With the jumper cables and full-size spare and flare gun and MREs and gold to spend after the global economic collapse? You think I’d be dumb enough to take it out? He checks it practically every time he comes over.”
“Can we not talk about my father right now?” Eli asked as he popped the trunk. The emergency blanket was indeed inside, folded up inside a canvas bag packed with supplies. He pulled it out and they walked a short distance from the car.
“Sure, but that reminds me, he’s supposed to come over tomorrow and help me with that insulation in the attic.”
“You’re still talking about him. Shut up.”
“Why don’t you make me?” Jess replied reflexively, like they were twelve.
“Yeah, why don’t I?” Eli said. He reached out and shoved Jess to the side.
“Don’t bring that weak ass shit, Elijah Dunn,” Jess said, laughing as he stumbled a bit. When he’d gotten his balance, he grabbed Eli’s arm and yanked him close. Eli pulled Jess in by the hips and they stood in the middle of the trail, pressing themselves close as they kissed. Jess’s cock pushed uncomfortably against his fly. Eli kissed his neck as he fumbled with the button on Jess’s jeans. “Hurry up or I’m gonna come in my pants.”

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange of a fair and honest review. ***

This book has to be read in order, it's not an standalone. You can find my review for book 1, "I'll Still be There" here.

Jess Early and Eli Dunn are enjoying married life, even the small bumps in the road are something they cherish. Not all is marital bliss, though, as Jess tries to rescue what is left of his relationship with his best friend and ex-fiancée and with Eli's ex and friend staying with them as he works through some issues in his marriage; and of course, there's Silas and Clay, who continue to make their presence know and share their experiences with the boys and Travis. Is Jess and Eli's love strong enough to withstand the tension and everything life throws at them?

I really enjoyed this sequel and seeing Jess, Eli, Clay and Silas again. It's not smooth sailing for Jess and Eli despite their love for each other, but they're both willing to overcome any hurdle that comes their way. Clay and Silas are awesome as always, and it was great to see that they had to work on some issues and insecurities in their time, too. I wasn't too sure of Travis at first, but he grew on me. 

The premise and the interlaced storylines continued to be a high-point for me. The book is well-written, engaging and it flows nicely from one scene to the other, and even with so many stories going on at the same time, I didn't feel lost or overwhelmed. It really worked well for me. All in all, a very good book that kept me interested from start to finish! 

Rating: 4.5 Stars!!! 

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