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Review: Damaged Goods by Susan Mac Nicol

Title: Damaged Goods
Series: Men of London #7
Author: Susan Mac Nicol
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Genre: M/M New Adult Contemporary
Release Date: April 28, 2016


Touched by tragedy, love is an elusive dream never to be realised by eighteen-year-old Jax Grady--until he discovers his secret admirer and receives the sweetest gift he could ever desire.


Tragedy and horror shaped Jackson Grady's life, leaving him orphaned and scarred. At eighteen he's ready to claim his future, but who could love his disfigured face and damaged soul? Definitely not a big, burly, beautiful Irish Traveller who is entirely the stuff of dreams.

Dare Rowan didn't mean to become obsessed with the blue-eyed man he first saw across a field, but that porcelain skin and innocent air demanded another meeting. Jax has the face of a wounded angel, and the rest of the young man is as heart-breakingly perfect. Jax is beautiful in every way and teaching him about love and life will be something Dare will embrace. Like unwrapping and savouring the candy at the shop where he works, Dare will show this young man everything Jax desired but never thought he'd have, and take Jax to new highs while he holds him through the lows. Between them, they’ll find out just how sweet life can be.

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*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review. ***

Dare has been stalk…, ahem, checking on Jax ever since he first saw him during a trip he made to collect flowers for his boss close to Jax’s house. He can spend hours gazing on his angel, and everyone he cares about knows of his obsession for the younger man.

Jax never thought anyone would look past his scars and what he considers his shortcomings, until he met Dare, who made it very clear that he was interested. Even then, it isn’t easy for Jax to accept that a man as handsome as Dare would want to be with someone as flawed as him.

Dare might be handsome, but he’s very insecure, as well. Seeing as he’s an Irish Traveller and didn’t even finish his studies, although he’s a hard worker and overall good man.

Would they be able to overcome their insecurities to build a relationship in the future?

This was such an amazing read! We met Jax in Feat of Clay and it was delightful to see more of him in Damaged Goods. He was such an intriguing character, an enticing blend of innocence and maturity, of shyness and forwardness, and with a strength that he was unable to realize he had. And Dare, well, I loved Dare from the first moment, he was so sweet even when he was being all stalkery. It was lovely to see him try so hard to score a date with Jax and to prove to him that going out with him was what Dare really wanted. He’s such an awesome character, protective, romantic and always trying so hard to be the best he could for Jax, that I just couldn’t not love him.

Jax and Dare were so good for each other, although their road to their HEA was a bit bumpy at times. They were both sweet and hot together and I just love how their relationship progressed.

And I adored seeing Tate and Clay, they were just amazing as always! Their presence added more depth to the story.

I loved how Susan Mac Nicol dealt with such sensitive issues as Jax’s attack and its repercussions and how she showed us this other side of the Irish Travellers.

All in all, Damaged Goods was fantastic! The writing was stellar, filled with emotion and romance, with characters that robbed a little bit of my heart and for whom I was rooting so hard so they would get their HEA. I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better story for Jax after all he’d gone through. Very recommendable!

Rating: 5 Stars!!!

Author Bio

Susan Mac Nicol is a self-confessed bookaholic, an avid watcher of videos of sexy pole dancing men, geek, nerd and in love with her Smartphone. This little treasure is called ‘the boyfriend’ by her long suffering husband, who says if it vibrated, there’d be no need for him. Susan hasn’t had the heart to tell him there’s an app for that…

She is never happier than when sitting in the confines of her living room/study/on a cold station platform scribbling down words and making two men fall in love. In an ideal world, Susan Mac Nicol would be Queen of England and banish all the bad people to the Never Never Lands of Wherever -Who Cares. As that’s never going to happen, she contents herself with writing her HEA stories and pretending, that just for a little while, good things happen to good people.

Sue is a PAN member of Romance Writers of America and is a member of the Romantic Novelists Association in the UK.

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