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Book Review ~ Dear Stranger by Sid Love

Book Review ~ Dear Stranger by Sid Love


Title: Dear Stranger
Author: Sid Love
Publisher: Creative Minds
Cover Artist: Sid Love
Length: 7,500 words approx
Release Date: 12th May, 2016
Blurb: Reggie is a young man in his early twenties, living a still and calm life. Being blind makes him a little cautious to new situations, at least until that one day on his way home when he meets a stranger, a man with a voice smooth as honey and burning hot as the most expensive whiskey, starts talking and flirting with him.
At first, Reggie is scared. The guy seems to be a stalker but soon he realizes that the stranger wants him no harm. On the contrary, he is attracted to Reggie and invites him home for a hot romp in bed.
With the ball in his court now, Reggie needs to choose what to do. He could turn him down and continue living his life as it is, with very little excitement. Or, he could say yes and see where this unexpected ride takes him...


I NOTICED the stranger in the midst of the subway ride. I’d picked up the distinct smell of his fresh manly sweat mixed with the scent of his aftershave. While I sat and waited for the second stop, he’d sat next to me. I felt an unmistakable brush of a hand against my left bicep and then he continued to caress my bicep with his finger. It was a gentle touch, hardly noticeable if you weren’t on its receiving end. I adjusted myself, trying to get away because the touch made me nervous. But for some reason, I was more anxious than afraid about what the stranger might want from me.
Please, not another oldie trying to get into my pants. But then the guy spoke. “Do you always travel alone?” His voice was deep, very sexy—the make-you-go-weak-in-the-knees kind of sexy. And it couldn’t have belonged to a man older than thirty.
“Uh…yes.” I cleared my throat. “I’m used to travelling by myself.”
“Quite impressive, man,” he said. “I mean, I see you every day taking this route and you seem so at ease.” My body tensed up. “Wait, wait,” he said, touching my thigh and laughed. “Don’t get me wrong. I ain’t no stalker, man.”
I nervously smiled. His hand on my upper thigh felt warm and radiated a sexual wave of heat. It coursed through my body like an electric current and my cock sprang into action. Suddenly, his breath was near my neck and I jumped a little.
He waited a second, then slowly whispered, “You’re too beautiful to go unnoticed by anyone.”


*** Book provided to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review. ***

Reggie, a young blind man has a passionate encounter with a stranger that he meets on the train. This out of character for him, and leaves him in a turmoil. It seems the stranger might want more of him, but is Reggie too scared to actually give him a chance? 

This was a cute, very enjoyable read. I really liked Reggie and understood his plight. And I liked his mysterious stranger for the most part, but there was a scene when I just wanted to give him a good shake. For as short as the book is, it had enough substance to leave me satisfied. Yes, I would've liked it to be longer and see how their relationship grew, but it was still a delight to read. Very recommendable!

Rating: 4 Stars!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful review, Mari. I am so glad you liked the book :D