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Promo Post: Love, Marriage and a Baby Carriage by C.S. Poe (Excerpt + Review)

Promo Post: Love, Marriage and a Baby Carriage by C.S. Poe (Excerpt + Review)

Title: Love, Marriage, and a Baby Carriage
Author: C.S. Poe
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: June 1, 2016
Cover Artist: Catt Ford
Pages: 32


Theodore Reinhart is a young man looking for love. In San Diego. At a convention. For penguin shifters. WaddleCon is the go-to event of the year when looking for your life partner, but Theodore isn’t comfortable with the game they’ve turned dating into, nor does the convention provide for the gay community. A mistake in speed dating table assignments puts Theodore in front of Wesley O’Neill, a handsome and confident model who lets it slip that he’s definitely noticed the spark of attraction between them.

A perfect date ends prematurely when Theodore finds an abandoned egg in a bathroom trash can. Unable to leave it behind, Theodore and Wesley play a mad game of cat and mouse across the resort trying to keep it safe, all while growing closer to one another. Wesley may be the forever partner Theodore came looking for, but their relationship won’t work if they don’t make room for a little addition to the family.

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2016 Daily Dose package "A Walk on the Wild Side."


I WAS the hottest of hot messes.
The reflection looking back at me in the hotel room’s bathroom mirror was terrible. My auburn hair had the posttravel appearance: random locks sticking up on end and a headrest indent from sleeping on the plane. Ah yes, very classy. I combed it forward a bit more and frowned. Product would fix it, but that was in my suitcase, and my suitcase apparently forgot to make the connecting flight out of Atlanta. The airline assured me they were “looking into the matter.”
I stared at myself harder.
And this suit! Jesus Christ, how had I ever let the salesman talk me into this shit?
What had he called it? Power clashing, or something.
“It’s not a business event,” I had told him.
“What sort of convention is it?”
“Er—it’s, uh—for single people to… mingle,” I had awkwardly offered.
“Oh honey! And it’s in San Diego, you said? So we’ll throw some bright, beachy colors into this. Don’t worry,” he had told me over and over. “You’ll look so fierce. Your phone won’t have enough memory for all of the numbers you’re going to come away with.”
And at the ungodly hour of six in the morning, before leaving my New York apartment for the West Coast, I had decided to make a good impression as soon as I arrived at WaddleCon and wear the suit on the plane instead of changing after.
I sighed and plucked absently at the jacket. Brown, what was this—tweed? A plaid tie. Blue striped shirt. And these pants… I think the salesman had called themsalmon.
I called it the worst decision I’d made since signing up for this stupid event.
“So I have my bad hair,” I said to the mirror while ticking off the points on my fingers. “And my even worse suit.”
And I was attending a singles’ convention for special people like me to find their forever penguin partner. But after I paid the attendance fee, got a hotel room, and booked my flight, I found out it was specifically for guys and gals.
Not that these folks hadn’t read the story And Tango Makes Three, but they weren’t really using their budget to cater to the few gay penguins—er, people—in the community.
I sighed dramatically.
“My name’s Theodore Reinhart, I look like a rainbow puked on me, and I’m a gay penguin—Magell—attending a meet and greet for straight folks.”
Yep. Hot mess. No doubt about that.

*** Copy provided to the reviewer in exchange for a fair and honest review. ***

Theodore attends a convention for single penguin shifters in search of their life partners. He doesn't have much hope, seeing as the Waddle Con doesn't cater to gay members, however, when fate (and speed dating) put handsome Wesley in his path and his interest seems to be reciprocated, of course, he embraces it with both hands. 

This was such a cute read! Short and sweet with a touch of hotness. Theodore was absolutely adorable and Wesley was just perfect for him. I would've liked the book to be longer, but I was left satisfied at the end, which is not an easy feat considering the length of the story!

Definitely recommendable!!! 

Rating: 5 Stars!!!

Author Bio: 

C.S. Poe is an author of gay mystery and romance. She believes that happily ever after is an attainable goal for any character, given enough elbow grease and legwork is provided.
C.S. lives in New York City, but has called a host of different locations home in the past, most recently being Ibaraki, Japan. She regrets no longer having easy access to limited edition candy, capsule toy machines, and clean trains, but over ten years in New York has proved to her there is no place quite like it. She has an affinity for all things cute and colorful. 
C.S. is an avid fan of coffee, reading, and cats, in no particular order. She’s rescued three cats, including one found in a drain pipe in Japan who flew back to the States with her. Zak, Milo, and Kasper do their best on a daily basis to sidetrack her from work. 

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