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Release Day Review: Misinformation by Keelan Ellis

Book Title: Misinformation
Author: Keelan Ellis
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Ethan Daniels, host of a popular conservative cable news program, has never thought of his bisexuality as a problem, even though he has never acted on his attraction to men. Since his divorce, his desire has become more acute. When he meets Charlie Woods, his daughter’s first grade teacher, they have an instant spark, but Ethan hesitates to act. His contract is up for renewal, there are already rumors swirling about him because of a brief encounter from his past, and the last thing his employers want is for one of their stars to come out publicly.
Charlie avoids romantic entanglements because he prefers living on his own terms. He keeps love and sex completely separate, never seeing anyone more than a few times. Hooking up with a closeted celebrity like Ethan seems safe from emotional involvement, even if they have to keep their fledgling relationship secret.
The last thing they expect is to fall in love, but their strong mutual attraction moves them both to make changes neither of them thought they wanted or needed.


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Ethan Daniels is struggling with the turn his life has taken. As a host of a conservative cable news show he is expected to portray himself in a certain manner befitting the ideals of the network. He's finding it harder and harder to do when those ideals don't match with his personal beliefs, though. Now that he's divorced, people seem to be pushing for him to get back out there and find a good woman. However, he's now finding himself thinking about his bisexuality especially after he meets Charlie Woods, his daughter’s first grade teacher.  Of course, it couldn't have come at a worse time, with negotiations on his new contract due to begin. 

Charlie doesn't do relationships, once or twice with the same guy is plenty, since he prefers living on his own terms. The instant attraction he feels for the father of one of his students is unexpected, especially when that man works for a super conservative news network. He's not sure what could come of the two hooking up, other than disappointment. 

What starts of as something simple soon becomes complicated. Ethan is afraid of losing everything he's worked hard for and Charlie doesn't know if he can give his heart to a closeted man. They never expected to fall in love, but how can they find a way to hold on to everything they care about?

I really enjoyed this book. From the moment I read the blurb I knew I wanted to read about Ethan and Charlie. I was not disappointed. 

I definitely loved Ethan and Charlie. I thought they made a great couple once they were able to work out their issues in the beginning of the story. They had great chemistry and their connection was very believable. Ethan by far was my favorite of the two. I felt bad for how he felt he had to live his life and there were times when I wished he'd had a bigger support system. 

I really liked Charlie but at times, he frustrated me. I figured a gay man who had a lesbian mother who had gone through a lot before coming out would have been a little more understanding towards Ethan's position. It seemed that most characters in the book downplayed the impact coming out would have on Ethan's life a little too much. It was as if they all thought he was a horrible person for not yelling from the rooftops: "Hey everyone, I'm bisexual!!!" I think that was one of the things I disliked about this book. 

In the end, though, other than that, I truly enjoyed reading Misinformation. I definitely recommend it. 

4.5 Stars!!!
Author's Bio:
Keelan Ellis is an east coast girl for life, a progressive, a lover of music and musicians, a mother of two very challenging girls, a loyal though sometimes thoughtless friend, a slacker, a dreamer and a bad influence. She likes true crime podcasts, great television and expensive craft cocktails made by hipsters in silly vests.
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