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Release Day Reviews: Counting Fence Posts (Tracy and Jaymie's Reviews)

Release Day Reviews: Counting Fence Posts by Kelly Jensen (Tracy and Jaymie's Reviews)

Title: Counting Fence Posts
Author: Kelly Jensen
Release Date: July 23, 2016
Category: Christmas in July, Contemporary
Pages: 61

There are over two hundred thousand fence posts between Syracuse and Boston. Henry Auttenberg likes numbers—it’s his job—but he isn’t going to count them all, even if the view outside the rental car is less confounding than the driver, his attractive but oh so obnoxious colleague, Marcus Winnamore. It’s Christmas Eve, and Henry would much rather be home with his family. When the blizzard that grounded their flight forces them off the road, however, he’s stuck with Marc until the storm passes—or a plow digs them out.

As the temperature outside plummets, the atmosphere inside the car slowly heats up. Henry learns the true reason for Marc’s chilly distance—he’s not exactly straight… maybe… and he’s been fantasizing about Henry’s mouth, among other things. Confession laid out, Marc is all for sharing body heat… and more. Henry isn’t interested in being an experiment, but as the night and cold deepen, he could be convinced to balance certain risk against uncertain reward.

4 stars *** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review. *** After their flight from Syracuse to Boston is canceled, and against the advise of the weather experts, Marc and Henry rent a car to drive the 200 miles to get back home from their business trip, but what happens when they get trapped together in a blizzard? This was a cute story. Sexy, but somewhat predictable. It was a quick and well-written holiday read. It takes place over a 12 hour period, so it's not very deep and is left pretty open ended and up to the reader to make up their own HEA. Easy and enjoyable!

What happens when two colleagues find themselves stranded in a car on the side of the road while a winter storm rages around them?

Henry Auttenberg graduated with honors and began working at one of the most prestigious financial companies in the Northeast. With an intense drive to succeed, he finds himself attempting to follow the same career track as his colleague and crush, Marcus Winnamore, the office's "Golden Boy". When he gets the chance to work with the man, he's ecstatic, but the experience isn't what he'd hoped. Now, it’s Christmas Eve, and Henry and Mark find themselves stranded. Henry would much rather be home with his family enjoying his holiday instead of stuck in a car on the side of the road with a very taciturn Marcus while they wait until the storm passes or someone stops to help them. 

The more time the two men spend trying to keep warm in the snow covered car the more they learn about one another. Henry learns the real motivation for Mark's recent behavior and treatment of him. Could it be possible for the very straight Mark to return Henry's feelings?

It's Christmas in July and with this unbearable heat, I had a special appreciation of the idea of being stuck in the snow. Counting Fence Posts is a short and cute story of two men trapped together and forced by circumstances to admit their feelings for one another. Mark is straight and, as far as Henry can tell, an unattainable dream. He has no idea that he has sparked Mark's curiosity. While at first we see a somewhat insecure Henry and a very confident Mark, the author was able to very naturally show Henry as a strong and confident man by the end of the story. I wasn't too sure about Mark at first, he was a bit of a jerk, but he definitely grew on me as the story progressed.

There was good chemistry between Henry and Mark and I enjoyed the story, however, my one complaint was its length. I wanted to see more from these two, maybe even an Epilogue. Other than that I totally recommend Counting Fence Posts. 

4.5 Stars

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