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Release Day Review ~ Real World by BA Tortuga (Jaymie's Review)

Release Day Review ~ Real World by BA Tortuga

Title: Real World
Series: Love is Blind
Author: BA Tortuga
Release Date: August 15, 2016
Category: Contemporary
Pages: 290

Dan White is trying to acclimate to civilian life after a long career in the military with multiple combat deployments.
Now he’s home in the Austin area, living with his brother Dixon, Dixon’s husband, Audie, and their two nine-year-olds. During the New Year celebration, Dan meets Abraham Weldon, and the connection is instant.
There’s a kiss. There’s a dance. There’s a proposition.
Then Dan finds out Weldon is bisexual.
And a dad.
With five kids. Five kids, one of whom is a blind fifteen-year-old.
Weldon has been in love twice in his life—with his high school best friend, Blake, and with his wife, Krista, who he met in a Dairy Queen as she was crying over a positive pregnancy test. Love number three hits Weldon like a hammer when he meets Dan.
But since Dan isn’t interested in a guy with kids, they might only get one night together.

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***A copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for an honest and fair review***

Dan White is finally done with the military, wanting to spend more time with family he's back in Austin, staying with his brother and his brother's family until he can get a job and a place of his own. Unfortunately, he didn't know how hard it would be to find those things. While he's more than qualified in Security and Risk Management, it just doesn't seem like companies are jumping to hire him. 

Abraham Weldon is a single father of five kids, a widower and a bisexual. Being a serial monogamist and only dating two people his entire life, his high school boyfriend and his wife of twelve years, Weldon is not interested in casual sex. His life is crazy enough with a blind 15 year old son, three daughters and an exuberant 3-year-old little boy. 

New Year's Eve finds Dan and Weldon meeting and dancing, followed by a hot night together. As much as they both enjoyed their night, Dan's not interested in dating a man with a kids, his life is too unsettled and he doesn't want the responsibility that comes from being with a man with children. 

Weldon understands, he knows most men or women aren't going to want to bring that kind of chaos into their lives. The only problem is that he wants Dan something fierce.  Of course, it becomes harder and harder for Dan to stay away, so maybe they can make it work?  

I really enjoyed the first part of the book. Getting to know all of the characters and the anticipation of Dan and Weldon getting together. It was funny and sweet. However, the middle of the story started to drag a bit in my opinion. I got a little tired of Dan and Weldon dancing around each other. 

The story picked back up about 2/3 of the way in and again I found it funny and sweet. I was invested again on Dan, Weldon and the eldest child Jacob, who was born blind. Of course I couldn't help but love cute little Caleb and Emma, Kenzie and Maddie.  This story was filled to the brim with enjoyable characters that helped to make the book enjoyable. 

4 Stars!

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