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Release Day Review ~ Spindrift by Amy Rae Durreson ~ (Review)

Release Day Review ~ Spindrift by Amy Rae Durreson ~ (Review)

Title: Spindrift
Author: Amy Rae Durreson
Release Date: August 12, 2016
Category: Paranormal, Ghosts/Spirits
Pages: 200


When lonely artist Siôn Ruston retreats to the seaside village of Rosewick Bay, Yorkshire, to recover from a suicide attempt, he doesn’t expect to encounter any ghosts, let alone the one who appears in his bedroom every morning at dawn. He also doesn’t expect to meet his ghost’s gorgeous, flirty descendant working at the local museum… and the village pub, and as a lifeboat volunteer. But Mattie’s great-great-grandfather isn’t the only specter in Rosewick Bay, and as Siôn and Mattie investigate an ill-fated love affair from a bygone era, they begin a romance of their own, one that will hopefully escape the tragedy Mattie’s ancestor suffered.

But the ghosts aren’t the only ones with secrets, and the things Siôn and Mattie are keeping from each other threaten to tear them apart. And all the while, the dead are biding their time, because the curse of Rosewick Bay has never been broken. If the ghosts are seen on the streets, local tradition foretells a man will drown before the summer’s end.

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The last thing Siôn Ruston expected when he decided to spend the summer recuperating from his suicide attempt in the quaint little village of Rosewick Bay, Yorkshire, was to encounter a ghost that visits his bedroom every day at dawn or to find said ghost's doppelganger, aka the ghost's great-great grandson, Mattie, working at the local museum, and the ice-cream shop, and the pub. 

They are both attracted to each other, but their age difference is something that is difficult for Siôn to overlook. However, as they grow closer while they investigate Mattie's great great grandfather's death, they fall deeper and deeper for each other. They both are keeping secrets, though, and they might create a chasm between them and separate them, if the curse hanging over the little town doesn't do it first.

This book was a delightful surprise for me. It was intriguing, well-written and kept me guessing almost until the last page. The progression and the pacing were pretty good and the characters were well-developed and tridimensional. 

Siôn was my favorite of the two, and my heart broke several times for all he'd had to go through with his family and then his loneliness and depression. He was so strong, though, so patient and understanding with Mattie and he just kept trying even when Mattie pushed him away. On the other hand, I was more than a bit annoyed with Mattie. He was 9 years younger than Siôn and sometimes it felt like it was a whole lot more, with as immaturely as he behaved. That's not to say that he wasn't likable, or even lovable, it's just that I hated that he kept pushing Siôn away when things would've been resolved easily if he'd actually spoken about what had happened to him before. They had great chemistry together, though, and I loved that they got their HEA. 

I loved Mattie's cousin, Caitlyn, who at 16 seemed more mature than Mattie sometimes, and who was such a great part of the story, without taking away from the romance. And I loved the whole ghost arc and its resolution, it was so different from other books involving ghosts that I've read before. 

Very recommendable!

Rating: 4.5 Stars!!!

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