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Release Day Review ~ Stranger in Black by Devon Rhodes ~ (Review)

Release Day Review ~ Stranger in Black by Devon Rhodes ~ (Review)

Title: Stranger in Black
Author: Devon Rhodes
Release Date: August 10, 2016
Category: Contemporary
Pages: 69


Before Christian can end his relationship with a closeted cheater, he needs to see the evidence firsthand. He disguises himself and attends a masquerade ball escorted by a friend, in search of the Stranger in Black. When he finds him, he gets something entirely different—and much more erotic—than he expected.

Wearing a black-and-gold mask, Jarrod is on the hunt for Chris, the “other woman” his best friend’s fiancé is having an affair with. But a sexy vision in a white gown captures his attention and takes his breath away, which is strange, since he’s gay.

One by one, the pieces fall away, exposing their dual deception. After the masks—and the pants—are off, Christian and Jarrod must work together to support a friend… and maybe become something more than strangers.

First Edition published by Amber Quill Press, LLC, 2011.

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Christian has been in love with Carl since they were teenagers, they hooked up while in college until they grew apart, after a few years, they meet again and started a relationship, if one can even call it that, considering they don't hang out outside of Christian's house. When Chris begins to think Carl might be cheating on him, he dresses up as a woman and attends a masquerade ball he knows Carl will attend dressed up as the Stranger in Black. Turns out the man he finds dressed up all in black is not Carl, but instead, he meets Carl's fiancée, Mira, and her best friend, Jarrod.

Despite being heartbroken, Chris is very attracted to Jarrod and he and Christian hit it off, but they still need to deal with Carl's deception and everything it entails.

I have to admit I was a bit wary about reading this book, I'm not fond of books that deal with cheaters, but both the cover and the blurb were intriguing enough to make me overlook that little detail.

 Christian and Jarrod are likable, flawed, and they were really adorable together. I liked that once Chris realized that Carl had a fiancée, he backed off from the relationship. My only problem with Jarrod and Chris was how fast they fell for each other after all that time Chris had spent fixated on Carl, but I can't deny they had great chemistry. 

It's a bit difficult for me to understand how someone would remain by her cheating fiancé's side after meeting 'the other woman' like Mira did. You might love someone to the moon and back, but once a cheater always a cheater and I was glad we got some resolution on that front, even if I would've liked for Carl to suffer a bit more, but you can't have it all, I guess.

The book was enjoyable and despite the cheating, this was a very low angst book and it was well-written, short and cute. Recommendable!

Rating: 4 Stars!

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