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Blog Tour ~ One Pulse Anthology Featuring Special Guest Post by Author M.A. Church

Blog Tour ~ One Pulse Anthology Featuring Special Guest Post by Author M.A. Church

Title: One Pulse Anthology
Release Date Sep 19, 2016
Type Anthologies
Words 198,538
Pages 574
Connie Bailey, Ellis Carrington, Edmond Manning, Chrissy Munder, Caitlin Ricci, Andrea Speed, M.T. Aspen, Jayce Ellis, Sera Kane, Dev Bentham, George Seaton, Renee Stevens, Emery C Walters, Vicktor Alexander, Alicia Nordwell, C.C. Dado, M.A. Church, Troy Storm, Mickie B. Ashling, KC Burn, Jon Keys, John Goode, John Amory, Grace R. Duncan, Felicitas Ivey, Elizabeth Noble, Bree Cariad, Lila Leigh Hunter, Laura Lascarso, J. C. Long

Genres Contemporary / Ghosts/Spirits / New Adult / Science Fiction / Werewolves/Shapeshifters / Western


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Sunday, June 12, 2016
On that date, in the early morning hours, many innocent lives were dramatically changed and many violently ended in the worst mass shooting in US history. Think about that for a moment. The worst mass shooting in US history. A gunman killed forty-nine people and wounded over fifty more at the gay nightclub, Pulse. Everyone who was there that night were left traumatized, and the LGBT community and its supporters, mourned.
I didn't know the victims of the Pulses shooting personally, but I felt the impact. The horror. The senselessness of the act. So many young lives lost, and in a place that is supposed to be safe. Then the outpouring of love began, and people look for ways to help the victims and their families. From that several anthologies have sprung. Dreamspinner’s One Pulse anthology is just one, and I’m very proud to be part of it. Authors donated positive LGBTQ+ stories that show how love triumphs over any obstacles.
My story, Chasing Tyme, is about an established couple who have drifted apart thanks to their busy careers and a lack of time. Alex Tyme, a business owner of a men’s clothing store, is more comfortable in a suit and tie. ‘Workaholic’ should be his middle name. About the only tool he’s comfortable using is a hammer, and only then with supervision… as he found out when the public restroom in his store acted up.
Who’d have thought a flooded toilet would’ve result in the love of a lifetime? Alex tried to play handyman two years ago with disastrous results. A flooded toilet and a frantic call led to a real-life Viking walking through his front door by the name of Dayton King.
Alex was gobsmacked when subtle flirting turned into more than he imagined. One date led to another, and before he knew what was happening, Alex fell in love. Unfortunately, in Alex’s mind, there were big obstacles facing them. Once was a nine-year difference in their ages. Alex was thirty-nine, and Dayton was thirty. Even though Dayton stated clearly he preferred older men, Alex still worried. How could he not? Recently he’d noticed an absurd amount of gray in his black hair. He was pushing middle age, for crying out loud, and his lover was just barely out of his twenties.
That wasn’t Alex’s only worry. He and Dayton were total opposites. Alex wore suits to work since he owned his own business—he had a certain image to portray. It was a good thing he was perfectly comfortable in slacks. The only way he’d wear jeans was if his wardrobe suddenly went up in flames. He actually felt strange without a tie. It was a rarity for him to cuss, he didn’t smoke, and seldom drank. He was a little shy… a little reserved. Some might say stuffy.
The only suits Dayton King wore were for funerals and weddings. Jeans and T-shirts suited him. Sitting in an office all day was his version of hell, which was a good thing since he owned his own plumbing business. He was outgoing, surrounded by friends, and had romantic streak a mile wide. Dayton wore his tattoos proudly, enjoyed a good beer, and shy wasn’t a word in his vocabulary. His mind was sharp, his hands were strong, and his smile was ready.
With the two-year anniversary of their first date approaching, Dayton takes matters into his own hands and kidnaps his partner for a weekend of rest and relaxation… and romance. It was time to pin his lover down, something he couldn’t wait to do… in more than one way. He was done chasing tyme!

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