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Release Day Review ~ Dare to Love Forever by Jake C. Wallace

Release Day Review ~ Dare to Love Forever by Jake C. Wallace

Title: Dare to Love Forever
Series: New Vampire Justice: Book One
Author: Jake C. Wallace
Release Date: September 26, 2016
Category: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal: Vampires
Pages: 260

Dreamspinner ~ GoodReads


With pain and loss in their pasts and evil threatening their futures, two vampires will find a love that lasts forever… if they dare.

Carson Locke is dangerous, even by vampire standards. A rare Tabula Rasa vampire, he can wipe the mind of those he bites—human or vampire. Because of this, he’s lived his entire life in isolation. When his family is murdered, Carson runs from those who want him dead. Injured, starving, and about to be executed, he meets Commander Lincoln Samuels, an officer in the New Vampire Justice police force.

Lincoln, a Sanatore vampire, possesses the gift of healing. The moment he encounters Carson, broken and terrified, trying to steal blood to survive, he is compelled to help the other man—despite the risk to himself. Their bond creates something the world has never seen, but others have plans for Carson, and his destiny was written long before he was born. He’ll either become a tool to control the vampire world, or, with Lincoln by his side, find the courage to fight and become its savior.

First Edition published by Amber Allure, 2014

Carson is a rare and dangerous type of vampire called  "Tabula Rosa".  Just one bite from a Tabula Rosa will turn a victim into a catatonic version of themselves.  When his family is murdered, Carson goes on the run.  After nearly two weeks without feeding, he's desperate to survive. Breaking into a Vampire blood bank is a bad idea, but it's the only choice he has left. When he's caught, he expects to lose his life, instead he meets Commander Lincoln Samuels. 

Lincoln immediately knows he needs to help Carson. A Sanatore vampire with the ability to heal others with his blood, he needs to know that the consequences of healing him will be worth it. Mainly the fact that if he does it, they will be bonded. He's already bonded to another and lost him, he's not sure he can survive that again. 

***A copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for an honest and fair review***

I found myself completely immersed in the story of Carson and Lincoln. This was a fresh new take on the whole Vampire world and I found it quite interesting. Between the types of Vampires and their positions in society it was definitely a good start to a series. 

Carson has an air of mystery about him which causes the reader to want to delve deeper into his past and find out what and who he really is. Not to mention what really happened to his mother, uncle and brother.  I liked Carson but there were times I must admit that he annoyed me a little (the screaming and moaning drove me insane). 

All in all I enjoyed the story. Lincoln and Carson were good together and I found the plot interesting. I am excited to see what the author has planned for the next book with Max and Justin. Very much recommend. 

4 Stars  

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