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Release Day Review ~ The Senator's Secret by K.C. Wells

Release Day Review ~ The Senator's Secret by K.C. Wells

Title: The Senator's Secret
Author: K.C. Wells
Release Date: September 1, 2016
Category: Contemporary, Dreamspun Desires
Pages: 220
GoodReads ~ Dreamspinner


Politics, puppy dogs, and passion, oh my!

When his Republican opponent outs him with a photo in a Facebook post, Senator Samuel Dalton doesn’t have many options open to him. It doesn’t matter that the photo is totally innocent. He has no choice but to come clean… until his staff suggest putting a spin on it that leaves Sam reeling.

Sure, he’ll end up with a lot of sympathy, not to mention the possibility of more voters from the LGBT community, but it still seems a pretty drastic solution.

Now all they have to do is persuade Gary, the other man in the photo, to play along. It sounds so easy: convince the constituents of North Carolina that he and Sam are engaged.

No big deal, except for the fact that they’ve only just met….

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for a fair and honest review. ***

After an innocent smoke break is turned into something else by a picture and an incriminating post made on Facebook by his political opponent, Senator Samuel Dalton's team decides he should finally come clean regarding his sexuality. That's not all his team suggests, though, as they try to convince Sam that to earn the public's sympathy they should go the extra mile and convince the NC voters that he and the man hugging him in the photo are engaged. There's only one problem now, since Sam and Gary had just met before that picture was taken and even if Gary agrees to the help him, do they have what it takes to convince the public that their relationship is real? And what happens when the lines start to blur from make-believe into reality?

I absolutely adored Samuel and Gary! They were so well-suited and it was so nice to see them become fast friends and allies, and how perfectly Gary fell into his role as Sam's fiancé, even helping the team make some difficult decisions when Sam's opponent and his sympathizers tried to turn things around against Sam. I just loved the progression as Sam and Gary gave in to their attraction and especially how patient and understanding Gary was with Sam.

I loved Sam's team, too, they were just amazing and gave that little extra to the book that turned it from really good into outstanding. In fact, The Senator's Secret is now my favorite out of the Dreamspun series books I've read so far. It was fantastically written, as I expected, because really this is K.C. Wells we're talking about here, and it was sweet, magical, fun and romantic, with characters that were not only lovable, but that also had unbelievable chemistry. Very recommendable!

Rating: 5 Stars!!!

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