Friday, September 23, 2016

Release Day Review ~ What About Everything? by John Goode

Release Day Review ~ What About Everything? by John Goode

Title: What About Everything?
Series: Tales from Foster High: Book Five
Author: John Goode
Release Date: September 23, 2016
Category: Contemporary
Pages: 230
Dreamspinner ~ GoodReads


No matter how fast you run, the past has a way of catching up with you.

When an accident ruins Matt’s parents’ anniversary party, Tyler and Matt decide a vacation is in order, and they book a gay Disney cruise with Robbie and Sebastian. It’ll be the perfect place to relax and do some much-needed soul-searching. A couple of years have passed since they met, but Tyler and Matt are no closer to getting married. They must take a long, hard look at their relationship and decide if they’re happy with the way things are, or if they want more—and if they can find the courage to take the next step. A difficult choice is made even harder when two people they thought they’d left behind show up to complicate the issue and turn the whole cruise upside down.

Laugh Out Loud Hilarious!

So I remember the first time I read Foster High, how it was such an excellent combination of funny and sweet and drama. It was such a great book, from the story itself to the wonderful characters to the absolutely brilliant writing. I loved it. I feel the same way about this one as well. I totally will be recommending this book to everyone. It's this month's Must Read!

Matt and Tyler are at a pivotal point in their relationship. It's time to decide whether or not they're headed for forever or if they are just wasting time. Tyler is happy with things the way they are, what more could they want? But as he feels Matt possibly slipping away, he tries to show him how much Matt truly means to him.  

When Matt’s parents’ anniversary party becomes center stage for relationship fodder, Tyler has major groveling to do. Booking a vacation on a gay Disney cruise with Robbie and Sebastian seems like an excellent idea. Tyler hopes it'll be the perfect place to reconnect
and figure everything out. Of course what starts off as a dream vacation turns into a lesson in trust. 

I love Matt and Tyler, while it was hard not to see them as teenagers sometimes (they aren't the most mature men out there) I enjoyed their banter and one-liners. The way they seem to be talking directly to us the audience and not as just readers of a book but as a friend was great. Neither man is the brightest bulb but they are endearing, along with the rest of the Foster gang. What About Everything is an excellent follow up to the series. 

5 Stars!

***A copy of the book was provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for an honest and fair review***

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