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Book Blast ~ Engineering Love by Jackie Nacht ~ (5 Star Review, Author Interview, Excerpt + Giveaway)

Book Blast ~ Engineering Love by Jackie Nacht ~ (5 Star Review, Author Interview, Excerpt + Giveaway)

Title: Engineering Love
Author: Jackie Nacht
Publisher: Rainbow Ninja Press

Release Date:
Early Download at Rainbow Ninja Press – 5 October 2016
Third Party Pre Order – 12 October 2016
General Release – 19 October 2016

Word Count: 20,802

When north meets south, sparks fly.
Adrian is a student from a northern college transferring to Georgia Tech. Used to seeing snowmobiles outnumbering the cars on campus, Adrian finds himself living in a state hotter than hell and feeling completely lost in the heart of Atlanta. A chance encounter introduces him to Davis who Adrian knows is trouble, but can’t help falling for.
Davis is the picture of big man on campus and oozes with confidence, at least until he meets Adrian.  Something about Adrian has Davis’s usual charm flying out of the window and everything goes from smooth to hell as Davis tries to make Adrian his own.
Between awkward dates, second-degree burns, study sessions, and snow, the two stumble their way into a relationship neither had planned. Will Davis give up the bachelor life to take a chance at a relationship with Adrian, or will he walk away from something special just to stick to his original plan?

Categories: M/M Romance, Gay Fiction, New Adult

Ten minutes until kickoff and it was like every person in the student body had showed up. Adrian was squished next to Mark and a girl wearing glitter tattoos on her cheeks. She and her friend were taking selfies, and somehow, Adrian got tugged into one.
“What’s your name?” the girl hollered.
He leaned in, yelling, “Adrian.”
“Mara.” She smiled over at him.
“Mara!” a guy called from behind them, then he landed on Adrian’s back.
“Careful, Davis!” Mara yelled.
Bending over from the weight of the guy, Adrian would have face-planted into the person in front of him if it hadn’t been for Mark grabbing his shirt. The fucking game hadn’t started, and he was about to be on the injury list. And Adrian wasn’t even playing in the game!
“Whoa, whoa, whoa.” The guy on his back grabbed him and wrapped an arm around Adrian’s chest.
The person in front of him turned with a scowl on his face before he smirked at the man behind him and raised his hand. “Davis!”
Hands clapped over his head, and the damn bull in the china shop behind him still had his arm around Adrian.
The two chatted above him, and Adrian glanced over at Mark who was rolling his eyes. “That’s Davis.”
Oh yeah, because that explained everything. It’s Davis so it’s natural to start chatting it up with Adrian snuggled right in. Boundaries, people, boundaries. Apparently, tackle-boy Davis seemed to know everyone since people all around shouted his name. Adrian felt Davis’s deep chuckle and wondered why the hell he was still being held by him.
Adrian turned and glanced over his shoulder, then kind of wished he hadn’t. Davis was laughing while talking to the guy Adrian almost fell into before. Davis was hot… like hotter than Atlanta. Black hair and a five o’clock shadow around a strong jaw. Built enough to belong on the football field and damn, and he had light ice-blue eyes. Adrian had an urge to reach out and touch Davis’s face to make sure he was fucking real. The only thing that detracted from the model-perfect looks was a small scar on his bottom lip, which Adrian thought was sexy as hell. The white line bisected plump full lips, which made Adrian want to kiss it. And he shouldn’t be thinking that.
With a small twist of his arm, Adrian was free of Davis. He glanced back at him.
“Don’t trample the newb, Davis,” Luke hollered from down the row.
Davis’s blue eyes glinted in the noonday sun, and a crooked smile appeared on his face. Adrian felt like prey in the presence of a predator, trapped by a sea of fifty-five thousand people.

5 Stars

**copy provided by author/publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review**

Adrian is a junior who transfers from a school near his home in Michigan to Georgia Tech. Shortly after starting school, Adrian meets Davis. Davis is a senior who is open, friendly, charming and usually smooth, yet something happens to Davis when he gets around Adrian. He seems to lose all his smoothness and becomes an accident prone klutz.

I loved both Adrian and Davis they had an amazing chemistry and connection. Davis' antics had me laughing out loud. This was a sweet, light, funny, romantic and steamy college love story with no angst. Well-written and paced well, it left me all warm and fuzzy feeling and with a smile on my face!! Highly recommended!!

Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Jackie Nacht, author of, Engineering Love. 
Hi Jackie, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself, your background, and your current book.
Well, I’m married and have two little ones that I stay home with. When I’m not running around with them from activity to activity, I squeeze in a few words.  A lot of people know that I have a sister, Stephani who I love to cause havoc with. In the last ten years, I’ve moved around a lot with my hubby and I use those cities I lived in for my books. ;)  Other than that, I’m a college grad and obsessed with running.
What inspired this story?
My current book is based on one of the cities I lived in, Atlanta. I lived north in Suwanee for six years and fell in love with Georgia. I had both my kids at Northside. I call them my little peaches. :D What inspired me to write about Georgia is that it was a way to go down memory lane. A lot of the material in the book is places I went to and some of the places I ate at regularly.
What are your favorite qualities about each of these main characters?
My favorite quality about Davis is that he’s a softie at heart. He recognizes falling for Adrian and instead of running, faces it head on.  As for Adrian, it’s seeing him grow as an independent man throughout the book while holding on to the joys of what life throws at him.
Do you pay attention to literary criticism?
Not really. Some people will like my books and some won’t. Everyone is different and I respect that. People are allowed to have the freedom to think and feel what they want with the books I put out.  I’m just happy they chose to read the book. :D
Describe your perfect book hero. 
Flawed LOL. No really. I want something wrong with my hero. I want him realistic and something I can relate to.
 Can you share the project(s) you are currently working on?
I’m working on a Paranormal Dentistry book but it’s taking longer to write than I expected. My everyday life has gotten very busy LOL.

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Author Bio:
Short, sexy and sweet—where a little love goes a long way.
That’s the best way to describe Jackie Nacht’s stories. I was introduced to M/M Romance through my sister, Stephani, and read it for years. Then, I thought it was time to put my own stories on paper. I began writing short and sweet stories that ended with a happily ever after...and sometimes more than one, in the case of my YA Fork in the Road series, which has interactive endings.
Thinking back to my own book addiction, where there were many nights I stayed up way too late so I could read just one more chapter—yeah, right—I decided to write short romances for young adults as well as adults. Hopefully, they will give high school and college students, or working men and women something they can read during their lunch hour, in between classes or just when they want to briefly get away from the daily stresses of everyday life.
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