Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Exclusive Surprise Release ~ Forever At Sunrise (A Rock Gods Novella) by Ann Lister ~ (Character Interview + Giveaway)

Exclusive Surprise Release ~ Forever At Sunrise (A Rock Gods Novella) by Ann Lister ~ (Character Interview + Giveaway) 

Book Information:
Title: Forever At Sunrise
Series: A Rock Gods Novella
Author: Ann Lister
Release Date: October 25, 2016
Main Characters: Rooster and Wheland
Length: 45,000 words


     Having survived the hell that ended their last tour, Wheland realizes just how short life can be and how close he came to losing his own in the flames of the Berlin fire. Officially off the road until everyone has had a chance to fully heal from their physical and emotional wounds, Wheland and his band brothers limp back home to make sense of what happened and where they will go from here.

     This unplanned but much needed downtime offers Wheland a moment of clarity; suddenly, solidifying a future with Rooster never felt so necessary—or urgent. A proposal leads to an intimate ceremony that you simply don't want to miss, but the greatest surprise of all is the wedding gift they receive once they get home.

     The Rock Gods family continues to grow with each new milestone they reach together, and Wheland and Rooster's future is about to become a whole lot brighter—and busier.

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Today I'm thrilled to welcome Mick Wheland and Sonny Roostarelli from Looking at Forever and Ann Lister's new release out today, Forever At Sunrise, to Bayou Book Junkie!!


Thanks so much for sitting down with us today. Please have a seat, make yourselves comfortable and tell us a little about yourselves! Oh, would y'all like something to drink before we start? I'm a southerner after all and my mom raised me right. :)

Wheland and Rooster together: No, thanks, I'm good. 

BBJ: Haha, okay then, I just have a few questions for you all. How have your lives changed since we last saw y'all?

Wheland: Hey, how's it going?  It's been a while since we've sat down and got you caught up on things.
Rooster:  Damn, Mick.  Where do we even begin with the subject of how our lives have changed?
Wheland:  I know.  This is going to be fun.  How do we answer without revealing too much?
Rooster:  Yes, but we love a challenge, don't we?

BBJ: Well, I don't want to give anything away, so let's move on to the next question. What's been the most difficult thing about your relationship that you didn't foresee being an issue?

Wheland:  Well, I hadn't expected to have to fight him over a particular side of the bed.
Rooster:  That's not entirely true, and we typically end up asleep in the middle of the bed on top of each other anyway, so that's not exactly "a side" of the bed.

BBJ: What are your favorite qualities about your partner?

Rooster: Oh, I want to answer that question first.  Mick has an enormous amount of compassion . . . and stamina.
Wheland:  I'm glad you love my stamina, babe.  I love your cooking almost as much as your . . .
Rooster:  Don't finish that thought.  She doesn't need to know that.

BBJ: What do you value most about your friends?

Wheland:  Our friends are our family.  They are the people we can always count on, no matter what.
Rooster:  Through thick and thin; they are always with us.

BBJ: I agree, I don't always think blood is thicker than water. I have friends that are more family than my actual family. Where's the naughtiest place y'all have had sex?

Wheland:  Loading dock at the back of a venue in New Orleans.
Rooster:  Jesus, I had forgotten about that one.  I was going to tell her about the time we went at it in the bathroom stall at a restaurant in Boston.
Wheland:  Yeah, that time was really twisted . . . and messy.

BBJ: Oh, wow, I think I was at that concert! To be a fly on the wall, or a girl with a video camera! J/K haha

Quick fire round:

BBJ: 1) Favorite Color?

Wheland: Black
Rooster:  Not a color, Mick.
Wheland:  Okay, then sapphire blue.
Rooster:  Mine is aquamarine, like tropical waters.

BBJ: 2) Favorite Song?

Rooster:  My new favorite is, Forever At Sunrise.
Wheland:  Shhhh, we're not supposed to be talking about that.

BBJ: 3) Cake or Pie?

Rooster:  Definitely chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.  De-fucking-lish.
Wheland:  Pie, if it is spread all over his body and I can lick it all off.

BBJ: 4) Dog or Cat?

Rooster:  I have an allergy to cats, so no cats . . . ever.
Wheland:  Hmmm, not sure we have the right kind of lifestyle for a pet, but if we did it would have to be a dog.  I love bull dogs.  They're so ugly, they're cute.

BBJ: 5) Flavored or Non-flavored Lube?

Rooster:  Love the flavored lubes!  My favorite is strawberry.
Wheland:  Cherry for me.
Rooster:  Of course you'd say you love a cherry.
Wheland:  Not a cherry.  What I meant is, I love the flavor of a cherry.

BBJ: This has been really fun, again thank y'all so much for being here today!!

Wheland:  Thank you very much for having us!
Rooster:  We hope you'll have us back again sometime soon!

BBJ: All you Rock Gods are welcome anytime you want to drop in!

We are giving a copy of a signed paperback of Forever at Sunrise. Sorry, U.S. Residents only. To Enter: Please leave a comment on this blog post with your favorite couple from Ann Lister's books. Mine are of course are Jayson and Cooper!

You have until Friday, October 28, at 7:00pm CST to enter. 

Please don't forget to leave your email address so we can contact you and get your shipping information if you win. 

Good luck y'all!!


  1. Omg this is awesome!! I love this blog post!!!!! These two are great!!! Thanks for doing this and wow what a huge surprise!! My favorite will always be Ryan and Dagger! Thanks for the awesome chance!

  2. Loved this interview ty so much for doing this for Ann

  3. Great interview!!!! I love all the rock gods but have to say my favorites are Tony and Jared!!!!

  4. Great interview!!!! I love all the rock gods but have to say my favorites are Tony and Jared!!!!

  5. I have to pick a favorite??? Um... I suppose it's a tss up between Dagger & Ryan and Jayson & Cooper. Thanks! Can't wait to read this book!!!

    1. I can't pick two I seriously love them all. Hope this doesn't disqualify me. I could list them all but thats more than two lol.

  6. Great interview! I love all the guys but my favorite are Cooper and Jayson and Wheland and Rooster!

  7. Wheland and Rooster are my favorites. I've reread their story five times. It a go to feel good book for me.

  8. love the interview..these guys have to be my fav
    jmarinich33 at aol dot com

  9. So hard to rate them!!! I'd go Dante and Ashton, Lincoln and Aaron and Jared and Tony are my top favs!!

  10. Cooper& Jayson and Whelan & Rooster are my 2 favorite couples!! Loved the interview and thanks for the chance! !

  11. Great interview, I think my favorite couple is either Dante and Ashton or Whelan and rooster

  12. I have to pick one couple?! I guess I have to go with Whelan and Rooster then. ;-)

  13. My favorite couple is Tony and Jared from "Meant for Me". They are quiet, and always together. The scene at the piano has always stood out for me out of all in the series.
    Cathy L

  14. Thank you for the interview. I actually haven't read any of Ann Lister's books. Whelan and Rooster do seem like great characters though.
    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  15. Thank you BJ for this interview with two of my favorite Rock Gods. I love that their chemistry and the light BDSM aspect to their sex life. But of course, and Ann already knows this, Ryan and Dagger are still my first love.