Saturday, October 15, 2016

Promo Post: High School Reunion (Collins Avenue Confidential Series) by Steve Milton (Excerpt)


"It's been twenty years."

Steve has no interest in his high school reunion, until he remembers the one person who mattered to him back then: Mr. P, his senior-year English teacher. High school was rough for Steve, but Mr. P's class was an oasis. Listening to Mr. P had sent Steve to pursue writing, and staring at Mr. P's gorgeous face every morning made Steve come to terms with being gay. Twenty years after graduation, Steve is decidedly single in Key West, but he can't stop daydreaming about Mr. P -- and sneaking into his upcoming high school reunion is his chance to make daydreams into reality.

"Maybe I'm ready for this now."

David just got back into teaching after a long break. It wasn't easy being outed to his wife and his students. After being shamed and fired from his teaching job, he tried living a completely new life in New York, but he wanted to get back to Florida and back to teaching. Suddenly meeting his former student is a jolt back to David's first days as a teacher, but can that former student can be his future? High School Reunion is a standalone second-chances gay romance with a grumpy writer, a grumpier cat, literary discussions, old country music, Cuban coffee, and love hotter than the Key West sun. 

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“I --” David began to say, inhaled deeply, and swung his book-holding right hand behind his back. He embraced me with his left arm, and leaned in. We were face to face, his eyes looking into mine. I felt his breath on my chin. As he pressed his palm into my back, he moved his soft lips toward mine. I jolted, maybe almost fainted. His lips moved closer until they touched mine. We kissed, his tongue deeply inside my mouth, the wetness of his mouth everywhere on my mouth. My head span. I clutched and embraced him, not wanting the kiss to end, holding his tongue with my lips, pressing my face into his. It lasted three seconds, five seconds, ten seconds: an eternity but just a split-second, because he pulled away, looking in the distance and smiling beatifically. 

If I hadn’t wanted to impress my former teacher with my composure and maturity, I would’ve collapsed on the tile floor. My legs felt weak and my head was overwhelmed with the electric nectar of a kiss I’d been awaiting for twenty years. David smiled with his mouth closed, nodded, and then he was gone, through the security gate, with one more wave from the other side.

About The Author:

Steve Milton writes gay romances with sweet love, good humor, and hot sex. His stories tend toward the sweet and sexy, with not much angst and definitely no downers. Steve crafts feel-good stories with complex characters and interesting settings. He is a South Florida native, and when he's not writing, he likes cats, cars, music, and coffee.

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