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Promo Post ~ The Mechanic and the Surgeon (Collins Avenue Confidential Book 1) by Steve Milton ~ (Excerpt)

Promo Post ~ The Mechanic and the Surgeon (Collins Avenue Confidential Book 1) by Steve Milton ~ (Excerpt)

Author: Steve Milton
Book: The Mechanic and the Surgeon
Series: Collins Avenue Confidential Book 1
Pages: 11 8pgs
Release Date: November 24, 2015


"I'm not gonna date a wrench monkey."

Ritter Lehman, Miami's most successful orthopedic surgeon, keeps scaring away potential boyfriends. He can't help it. He's just a bit... intense. He has the career. He has the millions. He has the hard body. He knows he deserves the best. 

"Mechanics aren't supposed to be gay."

Joshua, the willowy young man who fixes Ritter's Porsche, doesn't know enough of Ritter's reputation to be scared away. He's not so much scared of Ritter as he's scared of coming to terms with being gay. He already sacrificed college to come home and run his father's car repair shop, and he's ready to sacrifice his true self to conform to what he thinks a good son should be -- until he meets Ritter, the out-and-proud alpha male. 

"No one turns me down."

When Ritter wants something, he gets it. He brings home guys from the clubs anytime he's horny. Joshua catches his eye and Ritter is so thirsty that he embarrasses himself. Joshua is intrigued, but he keeps his distance, not wanting to get hurt. It's never been like this before for Ritter. Every other guy just followed Ritter to bed after a ride in his Porsche, a peek at his six-pack, and a tour of his South Beach palace. 

"Am I another notch on your scalpel?"

Why won't Ritter admit to his ex that he's dating Joshua? Can Ritter have a future with a twenty-years-younger guy who's never been to college? Can Joshua trust that he's not just Ritter's next toy? 

The Mechanic and the Surgeon is a standalone gay romance with a feel-good HEA and love hotter than the Miami sun.


“Well, you know, gay, mechanic, don’t really think of it.”
“So, you’re a mechanic, and you’re gay, right?”
“Yeah, but it’s out of place.”

“Yeah? Probably half the guys at that dealership made passes at me over the years.”


“Yeah, I mean it doesn’t matter, but being gay isn’t some ultra secret special treehouse. Not even for car mechanics.”

“Wrench monkeys?”

Ritter’s cheeks flushed red instantly. It was the first time Joshua had seen him ashamed.
“I’m really sorry, Josh, Joshua. I don’t always mean what I say, I’m harsh.”

“It doesn’t matter. I’m just using your word, wrench monkeys. I never said it’s harsh.”
“I was a mechanic’s son at Harvard. Can you imagine? And the mechanic wouldn’t even acknowledge my existence.”

“That wrench monkey!”

“Before that, I lived with my aunt in New York, went to Stuyvesant, know what that is?”
“Yeah, of course.”

“Even at Stuyvesant I was a poor kid, a blue-collar kid, all kinds of shit. The bullies probably never even got that far down my list to figure out I was gay, they had enough talking points already when they saw my aunt or my parents.”
“Sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to bring up these things.”

“Don’t worry. Actually Alissa doesn’t know any of this. I think she overestimates me. Or underestimates me. Know what I mean?”

“I think so.”

Had Ritter been driving, they would not have taken the Hallandale exit to the shop. They would have gone to his place, or the beach, or CocoWalk, anywhere to launch into another orbit and realize something new together with Joshua. But Joshua was driving, indebted to duty and work and business, and so he dutifully took the Hallandale exit, back to the shop, Ritter’s Porsche, and ever-waiting Alissa.

About The Author:

Steve Milton writes gay romances with sweet love, good humor, and hot sex. His stories tend toward the sweet and sexy, with not much angst and definitely no downers. Steve crafts feel-good stories with complex characters and interesting settings. He is a South Florida native, and when he's not writing, he likes cats, cars, music, and coffee.

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