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Review: A Sip of Rio by Teodora Kostova

Liam Young has a problem – he’s booked a romantic holiday to Rio de Janeiro months ago, but when he breaks up with his boyfriend, all his plans fall apart. Not only is his dream holiday slipping through his fingers, but Liam is sick and tired of getting his heart broken.

Blaine Reed has a solution that can save Liam’s plans. Recently divorced, Blaine needs a break, and a couple of stress-free weeks in Rio with a sexy guy like Liam sound like heaven.

Liam and Blaine hit it off right from the start, becoming good friends even before they’ve left London. Despite their efforts to ignore the simmering attraction between them, it boils over when they end up sharing a room in one of the most romantic cities in the world.

Being together in Rio is easy, and it’s exactly what Liam needs – no feelings, no drama, nobody getting hurt.

Until someone does.

When the holiday bubble bursts, it’s up to them to find a way to be together outside of Rio’s seductive magic.

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review. ***

Liam needs to find someone that has his cheating boyfriend's name so he can take his place on the all-expenses paid vacation in Rio, he'd bought before it all went to hell. 

Recently divorced Blaine needs a change in scenery and what better than a trip to Rio? When he listens to Liam's advertisement at the radio station he works at and realizes he shares Liam's ex's name, he thinks it must be fate. 

Blaine and Liam strike up an easy friendship right from the start, with a healthy dose of secret lust on the side since Liam thinks Blaine is straight. Once they're in Rio, though, neither of them can hide the attraction they feel for the other and fall into bed together. The longer they know each other, the closer they get, but is this just a holiday affair or is it more?

I loved Blaine! He was such an amazing character, easygoing and sweet. I liked Liam, too, for the most part. Actually, until the last portion of the book, I was loving him almost as much as Blaine, they just were too sweet together, then he did something that made me want to strangle him. (Don't mind me, I can get a bit... ahem, passionate about certain things.) Still, they had an electrifying chemistry and I loved how well they fit with each other. Their friendship was just so perfect, and I just loved the progression into more. Yes, it was fast, but it felt right for them considering the circumstances. 

The descriptions of their vacation in Rio were awesome, so detailed and with such vivid imagery that I felt as if I were there right along with Blaine and Liam! 

All in all, a fantastic book! Teodora Kostova is a master at writing hotter than hot love scenes that just leave you wanting more and giving us fantastic characters that we can care for, all wrapped up in a wonderful storyline and this is not an exception to that, so you can't go wrong with A Sip of Rio! Very recommendable!

Rating: 4.5. Stars!!! 

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review.***

Liam Young booked his dream romantic vacation for him and his boyfriend to Rio de Janeiro, only to later break up with his cheating boyfriend.  But it turns out his dream vacation has to be used by the actual names the vacation was reserved for.  In a stroke of genius, Liam goes to a local radio station seeking anyone with the name of his ex-boyfriend, offering a free vacation with him.  By a stroke of luck, radio DJ Blaine hears his plea and is excited because he has the same name.  Liam and Blaine spend the time before the vacation getting to know each other and becoming friends.  They are both attracted to each other, but Liam doesn't think anything can come from it because he thinks Blaine is straight.  While on vacation, he finds out that Blaine is bisexual and just as attracted to him.  Liam agrees to a holiday romance but only that and Blaine agrees, with no intentions of giving him up.

I felt like I was on vacation in Rio reading this book!  The descriptions were amazing and so much information was provided.  I really liked Liam and Blaine.  They had great chemistry and steamed up the pages!  The majority of this book was set in the vacation so you got to explore Rio along with the characters.  There was a great backstory of why this was Liam's dream vacation and both characters had great depth.  

Liam and Blaine's story was insta-friendship, followed by insta-love but it was believable.  I thought the radio plea angle was genius!  I enjoyed both of these characters and thought it would be great to see this become a series that follows their travels, much like a travel blog.  The author certainly can make us feel like we're vacationing with them!

Rating:  4.5 stars!

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