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Review Tour ~ Captivate Me (Ravage MC Book 5) by Ryan Michele ~ (Review, Excerpt + Giveaway)

Review Tour ~ Captivate Me (Ravage MC Book 5) by Ryan Michele ~ (Review, Excerpt + Giveaway)
Title: Captivate Me
Series: Ravage MC Book 5
Author: Ryan Michele
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: September 27, 2016
Cover Design: Melissa Gill @MGbookcovers
Photographer: Sara Eirew

The Ravage MC is a family. Always has been, always will be. But life took them all on a different path, a path where they suffered loss, betrayal, and heartache. 

Now it all comes down to this moment: a day of reckoning. After all, now they know the cause of all the turmoil their lives have become. And only one thing is on their minds: vengeance. 
As with everything else, revenge comes at a price. And sometimes, the cost is far greater than one can bear. 
Can they live with their choices and the consequences? 
Or will the entire club feel more pain and loss?
** Please note, this is the final, full-length novel in the Ravage Motorcycle Club series. It is told from several different points of view, including but not limited to Buzz, Bella, Breaker, Pops, and Ma. Of course, in true Ryan Michele fashion, there are twists, turns, suspense, and action to keep you on your toes and the pages flying. Add in a feisty romance with alpha male hotness, including a m/f/m ménage scene, and like all the Ravage novels, it is intended for mature audiences only. ** 
"OMG! WOW! HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER! WHAT A RIDE!!!! I'm still trying to gather all my thoughts from this story. HOLY COW! Ryan has outdone herself with this one" ~5 Star Goodreads Review by Mary
"Oh my God! I loved this book! I was captivated from start to finish." ~5 Star Goodreads Review by Danielle
"I loved every minute of this book. . . . I HIGHLY recommend this whole series...go one-click." ~5 Star Goodreads Review by Author Groupies


The very first biker or MC book I ever read was Madeline Sheehan's Undeniable. This was a few years ago when these types of books hadn't really hit the mainstream yet.  I remember coming across it and thinking "there is no way I'll read something like this".  Now I am a person that should really live by the code "Never Say Never" because after a week of hemming and hawing, I went back to my "Scared yet slightly curious" bookshelf and ordered the free sample. And what do you know?  A few hours later I was so engrossed in the story, I stayed up till the end of early morning finishing it.  After that my curiosity was sparked and I went looking for more reads like it. There weren't a lot, certainly nowhere near as many as you see now.   I found a few and it instantly became a fascination. Soon I was reading MC books faster than they were being released.  It was a whole new world as far as my book obsession went.  Out with the Rock Stars and in with the Bikers. 

When I purchased Ravage Me the first time, I remember being so hopelessly excited and anxious to read it. Not only did it have a fantastic cover, one I'm pretty sure I drooled a tiny bit at, but also the blurb was so different and intriguing. How could I pass it up? It turned out to be a very entertaining read and I was anxious to see what these people would go through next. Now I am reading the series again, I'd previously only read three of the books, so this was a chance to re-read those I enjoyed and experience the others from the start.   

Book 1: Ravage Me

Princess and Cruz

What I Loved:  It's not too often in these types of books that we get a truly strong woman who can hold her own with these tough Alpha men. Princess is definitely an Alpha female. She can fight, she knows the rules of the club and she has a smart head on her shoulders.  She doesn't need a knight to come riding to her rescue, she can appreciate a little backup though. 

Cruz wasn't a womanizer. This is something that seems to be rare when I read MC books. Usually the guy is known for how many women he beds, or has some club groupie who thinks she has a claim on him. And while we deal a bit with another woman it's made perfectly clear that Cruz knows who and what he wants and that's all he has his sights on. 

What I Liked: the little twists at the end of the book. This story was definitely well done and while there are a few eye rolling moments here and there, I was pleasantly surprised at how a couple of things played out when the story is wrapping up. There is definitely a theme of betrayal throughout the book. 

What I didn't like: So it's basically the flip side of the coin, there were a couple of times where Princess was a little too perfect.  I felt like there was a little too much "Gods gift" going on with her. I like flawed characters, people who have things to overcome.  

Overall I truly enjoyed Ravage Me and as far as Motorcycle Club Romance goes I'd definitely recommend it. 

4 Stars!

Book 2: Seduce Me 

GT and Casey

I'm a sucker for these types of books so I couldn't pass up the next book in the series obviously.  I really liked the storyline with the connections between Casey's new life and the world she's desperate to leave behind. However, I wasn't  a huge fan of GT, I found him pretty hypocritical when it came to the issue of trust.  He hurts Casey and when he finds out that she kept something huge from him he flies completely off the handle and says some pretty cruel things to her.  He was quick to get angry with her, but he doesn't even try to see that he set things in motion with his actions.  He does later redeem himself in my eyes and I started to like him again as much as I did in book 1. 

Casey was a bit confusing to me. There were times when I liked her and others when she drove me insane. She was vastly different from Princess and it came off in my eyes as weakness. Now most women aren't going to be as hard as Princess but it just seemed as if  Casey wasn't the same character I thought she was from book 1.  I also felt her reaction to her miscarriage was overboard (please don't hate me for saying this).  These are hard men and women who I assume have seen some pretty dark times and have dealt with death way more than the average person.  Miscarriage is hard, it's sad and it's not something that I take lightly, but in Casey and GT's situation, they needed to move forward. The drama was too much. 

As a couple I definitely felt they had chemistry and realistically their relationship was believable. I wanted them to have a happy ending and I was glad it looked like they were going to make it.   

Overall, I would still recommend reading Seduce Me. I love this series and GT and Casey needed to have their story told. 

4 Stars!

Book 3: Consume Me 

Tug and Blaze

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review. ***

I am going to have to be honest, this was my least favorite of the series. I was not a fan of Blaze. I wanted so desperately to love her and her story but found myself getting pretty frustrated with her.  I can only take so much "I want him, but I can't let myself get involved with him".  After a while it's a matter of do it or don't, but for the love of God make up your mind. 

3.5 Stars!

Book 4Inflame Me 

Rhys and Tanner

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review. ***

This is my favorite book of the series. I'm not even sure why, all I know is that I loved the story. Rhys is a bit of a bastard at first, but something about him just sucked me in.  As for Tanner, I liked her too. She was completely new to this life but her innocence was endearing because she was strong in her own way. 

Rhys is definitely the stereotypical Biker. Alpha, domineering and hard. He knows what he wants and what he expects and doesn't settle for anything less. He's temperamental at times but it blends with Tanner's personality well. The angst and drama between the both of them is pretty minimal compared to other couples in the series.  He has moments of letting the baggage from his past mix in with his emotions. He's not used to being with one woman but he only has eyes for Tanner. 

The trouble that Tanner and Mearna have is solved pretty easily and quickly as is the drama the club finds themselves facing. Really, the book is focused more on the characters' personal lives as opposed to the actual club. 

It's very interesting to get the Dagger and Mearna story right along with Tanner and Rhys. It's sad, yet I wanted more. I feel like there would be a great book with Mearna at Dagger's side as he prospects for the club and then the aftermath as their lives went in separate directions and then they came back together. 

Overall, I loved Rhys and Tanner, Mearna and Dagger. I love this series and am looking forward to Captivate Me. 

4 Stars!

The Final Book: Captivate Me 

Bella and Buzz. Shaina and Breaker

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review. ***

The Club now learns who is behind all the crap Ravage MC had been facing lately. Thanks to Buzz and his brilliant hacking skills it all comes to light. What happened to Princess, Diamond's death, Rabbit, Paine and the T-Darts, Jace and Rocky, everything is connected. Now Ravage is ready to settle things once and for all. 

Buzz and Bella were a long time coming (no pun intended). We saw their initial flirtation in Seduce Me. Now we get snippets of their relationship since then and learn that Buzz is very much into control. Bella thrives on giving him that control so they fit perfectly. 

Who I was most interested in, though, was Breaker. He was quiet and a bit of a mystery with some damage. We know Shaina is damaged as well. I was intrigued at what the author had in store for them, both individually and as a couple. These are the kind of characters that leave me hoping they get their happy ending.   

Captivate Me explores a lot, but it is the perfect wrap-up to this ongoing saga. Questions are answered and troubles are laid to rest. And while it's not entirely easy, the men and women that I love in this series have an opportunity to get more from their lives. The Epilogue gives us that glance into their future and honestly I loved it. 

I recommend this book to fans of this series, you have to see what happens to the men of Ravage. 

4 Stars!

Ryan Michele found her passion in making fictional characters come to life. She loves being in an imaginative world where anything is possible and has a knack for special twists readers don’t see coming.
She writes MC, Contemporary, Erotic, Paranormal, New Adult, Inspirational, and many more romances. And whether it’s bikers, wolf shifters, mafia, or beyond, Ryan spends her time making sure her heroes are strong and her heroines match them at every turn.
When she isn’t writing, Ryan is a mom and wife living in rural Illinois and reading by her pond in the warm sun.


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