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Blog Tour: Your Alpha, My Mate by Rachel Ravenheart (Exclusive Excerpt)

Blog Tour: Your Alpha, My Mate by Rachel Ravenheart (Exclusive Excerpt)

Your Alpha, My Mate by Rachel Ravenheart


Jamie is a shifter. 
But he can't shift. That's what he wants his pack to think.
Truth is, Jamie is a white wolf. The biggest, best, strongest kind of wolf. He refuses to shift because his pack, and his parents, treat him as a misfit. An outcast. And when he takes matters into his own hands by fleeing to join the Lonestar Pack, his fate is already determined. 
There will be sacrifice. 
There will be war. 
There will be death. 
Above all, there will be love.
And love always wins.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Lisa whispered in my ear, “Don't be nervous, they're only staring to see who the new guy is. Connor has informed anybody who would listen that you were coming.”

“No pressure,” I chuckled.

“You're right, there's no pressure because you're a great guy and they'll be able to see it for themselves. Be yourself and it'll be fine,” she said as Connor joined us.

The crowd pushed closer. Kids, teenagers and adults alike. Some looked on curiously. Others seemed deadpan.

Many of them smiled. A few greeted and welcomed me. While they pushed forward, a thick bouquet of pine and chocolate hung in the air. “Do you guys smell that?” I asked.

“No.” They looked at me curiously.

It was strange that Connor and Lisa couldn't smell it; it was definitely coming from the crowd that had surrounded us.

A tall guy with black hair approaching us definitely could smell it. He sniffed at the air as he stepped towards us. All of a sudden there was this feeling of butterflies in my stomach. He turned so that he was completely facing me and I got lost in his chocolate-brown eyes. His gaze caught mine and his eyes lit up.

“This must be Jamie. Glad you made it safely. Name's Jackson. Glad to meet ya.” He paused for a second, sniffing the air again. “Lisa, did you change your shampoo to vanilla?”

“No. Why'd you ask?”

“There's a smell of fresh vanilla, almost like sugar cookies. I thought it must have been a new shampoo or something.” He shrugged. “Why don't we go inside so Jamie can get settled in. And I‟m sure you're hungry. Mom and Dad should be home tomorrow and you'll be officially welcomed into the pack.”

“I could use something to eat, and a nap. I'm exhausted. I thought I was gonna stay with Connor and Lisa?” I said while stifling a yawn. “Thank you for taking me in like this.”

“We're happy to help. Connor is part of my family, so that makes you family too. From what Connor has said, your life the past couple of years has been a living hell. It's hard to believe that any pack would do that to a member. You look like you‟ve been through the wars. We were going to have you stay with Lisa and Connor, but Mom and Dad thought it would be better to have you move into the pack house with your own room and not have to move twice. Now let's eat. I don't know about you, but I'm hungry.”

“Lead on, Oh Fearless One,” Connor laughed as Jackson led us into the dining room.

I couldn't resist glancing at Jackson's butt. Every time he spoke, his voice sent shivers down my spine and his eyes sparkled like diamonds when he laughed. It took everything in me to avoid his stare. But, it was Jackson who kept glancing at me all through lunch. Every time I looked up from my plate he quickly looked away. If I knew his thoughts while he glanced at me, it would have eased my mind.

“Please excuse me,” I said, moving my empty plate away. “I'm gonna unpack and take a nap. I'll see everyone at dinner. Thanks for lunch, Jackson.”

“You're welcome.”

“Which room's mine?”

“Jackson, you put him in the room next to yours, right?” Connor said. “I think that's the only empty one left.”

“Sure did. He's across from me,” Jackson said glancing my way. My heart skipped a beat as I stared straight into his brown eyes. “Take your time and get some rest. Let me know if you need anything.”
Connor led me upstairs to my room. I unpacked and took a hot shower. I couldn't shake off those glances that Jackson kept giving me or that wonderful pine and chocolate smell.

I wondered what all this could mean. 

Author's Bio

Ms. Ravenheart is new to the literary world, but has had the desire to write since junior high school. She moved from a small town in Iowa in time to start high school in Louisiana. Rachel lost sight of writing as she got bogged down with sports and school. Her dream of being a writer forgotten as she looked to the future to study Political Science with the hope of going to law school when she moved to Texas. To make her way in the world she got wrapped up in the field of nursing when she got a job as a C.N.A. and soon even her dream of law school was forgotten. Strangely, thanks to an injury, she was at home recuperating and was bored when she remembered her love for writing. Never thinking she would ever get published, she began. It was writers like Rob Colton, Mann Ramblings, and Alicia Nordwell that inspired her creativity. She found and after some encouragement she decided to post her first story. With the enthusiasm of readers her confidence grew and she took the step to send off her first story to be published. Hopefully, the first of many.

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