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Release Day Review ~ Matthias (Order of the Black Knights: Book Two) by Alexis Duran

Release Day Review ~ Matthias (Order of the Black Knights: Book Two) by Alexis Duran

Title: Matthias
Series: Order of the Black Knights: Book Two
Author: Alexis Duran
Release Date: November 2, 2016
Category: Mystery/Suspense
Pages: 240

From Louisiana swamp rat to revivalist huckster to skilled con artist, Matthias Krall clawed his way out of poverty using his natural gifts of grift and manipulation to become the leader of an exclusive retreat center. Exploiting the guise of spiritual guru, Matthias seduces the rich and powerful into turning over their lives and fortunes to his control. But wealth and a small cadre of loyal followers can’t protect Matthias from the betrayal he knows is imminent. Everyone wants what Matthias has, except for one man who wants to destroy it. Dylan Connelly is a reporter who’s determined to prove the charismatic recluse is not only a fraud but a murderer.
Irresistibly drawn to Dylan despite the warnings in his gut, Matthias lures Dylan to his island retreat, determined to destroy his enemy once and for all.

Matthias Krall came from nothing in the swamps of Louisiana, raised by a con artist mother to be a con artist himself. When his mother married a revivalist preacher, Matthias became a victim of the man's sick perversions. Without any other options, Matthias was driven to murder the man and essentially abandoned by his disbelieving mother. Now Matthias has made a profitable life for himself selling his own version of snake oil. Dylan has always had fragile self-esteem. Expected to go to West Point but opting to become a journalist instead, he's become the family failure. It doesn't help that he's also gay. Becoming entranced by Matthias only to have Matthias reject him the way he did only threatened to destroy him even more. But now he's not that same naive young man. Now he has ever intention of figuring out how Matthias has gotten so many elite followers, how he runs his super exclusive retreat. But most importantly how he is connected to the "suicide" of musician and client Jace. Matthias and Dylan have a brief past. One Matthias has given very little thought of throughout the past years. However, Dylan has never gotten over the mystery of Matthias Krall. Now Dylan has his sights on destroying Matthias and exposing him for the fraud he is and the murderer he might be. A week at the exclusive retreat on San Juan Island under the guise of interviewing Matthias and writing a story about Rising Star should give Dylan exactly what he wants. Only Matthias has his own plan for Dylan while he's on the Island.

This is a utterly and completely different from the first book. Where the first book upset me (even though the writing was great) this book had me sitting here biting my nails unable to put it down. I was on pins and needles waiting to find out where the story was going. They were both playing a game and both winning yet losing at the same time. Right when I thought Dylan would one up Matthias, Matthias would turn it around to come out on top. Then it would flip and Dylan was on top (no pun intended). How these men would eventually recover from all the deceit and mind f*#%s, I had no clue. I wasn't sure if this could actually end up a HEA or even HFN (don't worry, perfect ending). I have to commend Alexis Duran because this story truly sucked me in and wouldn't let go. As much as I wanted to put it down, I just couldn't. I loved Dylan and at times wanted to choke him. I adored Matthias and, of course, there were times I wanted to throat punch him. But these two men were definitely a great pair. Their distrust of the other was actually quite comical at times because when it all came to a head, they trusted each other above all others. They were great together. I am definitely a fan of this series and recommend it for sure! 5 Stars!

*Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.*

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