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Virtual Tour ~ Take Me Home by Lorelie Brown ~ (Author Spotlight Post + Giveaway)

Virtual Tour ~ Take Me Home by Lorelie Brown ~ (Author Spotlight Post + Giveaway)

Thanksgiving arrives in one week and one day. Feeling hemmed in by parental expectations? Are they disappointed by your sapphic proclivities? I can help! The only pay I want is the holiday meal!

I didn’t know what I was looking for until I saw her Craigslist ad.

I love my family. I’m lucky to have them—well, most of them. But my aunt? I’m so tired of her giving my mom crap because I happen to be a lesbian. So one pink-haired tattoo artist pretending to be my girlfriend will annoy my Christian fundamentalist aunt right back and make my Thanksgiving perfect.

Only . . . Brooke turns out to be cuter and more complicated than I expected. And before you can say “yorkiepoo,” we kiss . . . and abduct a dog together. I want to keep them both—but Brooke isn’t the kind to be kept. Lucky for me, I’m the kind to chase what I want.

Author Spotlight Post:

Who doesn’t love a holiday novella? I definitely do. There’s something about winter season holidays that make the air a little magic – and it’s even better to combine that sparkly feeling with the warm and fuzzies that a good romance gives you. I’m an equal opportunity holiday lover – I start with Halloween and love it all the way through to Boxing Day. The only thing wrong with Christmas Creep is that it doesn’t give Thanksgiving its due. To me the special feelings of Thanksgiving are wrapped up in family. I do the majority of food prep and cooking and grocery shopping in my family because there’s an intrinsic part of providing for someone’s food that makes me really happy. It’s a way that I show love.

When my family can sit around a table together, not everything is lost. Chaos isn’t winning. It’s why I love that we sit down for dinner most nights of the week – but Thanksgiving is extra special. It’s a chance to take our time and really indulge. And yeah, I mean indulge in the food as well, but I mean people. The in jokes and the stories and the things that no one else in the world would get. Having patience and losing your patience. Still loving each other even when you screw up.

I moved around a lot, and most of the time it was just me and my mom. But we never lived in the same place more than a few years, and Thanksgiving never looked the same more than two years in a row at most. She had certain friends who would show up again and again, sometimes after having disappeared from our lives for a few years. But the table was different, the foods would change depending on who cooked, maybe you’d get apple pie and maybe pumpkin. Nothing was reliable.

It’s exciting, and it built me into who I am, but sometimes it’s exhausting too. Never knowing what to expect means you have to be on your guard a lot.

So when I wrote Take Me Home, I wrote what I didn’t have. Kayleigh got to grow up in one place. She’s had thanksgiving in the same home for close to twenty years, and in some ways she doesn’t realize how damn good she has it. She has a Christian fundamentalist aunt, and Kayleigh relishes the chance to stick it to her. Brooke is the pink haired, punked out tattoo artist she takes home as her date. They have a hell of a good time stealing a dog and accidentally falling in love, but the base of it is the comfort and reliability of Kayleigh’s family. She’s brave enough to take a risk on a secret keeper like Brooke because of where Kayleigh comes from. Somewhere safe.

About Lorelie Brown

After a seminomadic childhood throughout California, Lorelie Brown spent high school in Orange County before joining the US Army. After traveling the world from South Korea to Italy, she now lives north of Chicago. She writes her Pacific Blue series of hot surfers in order to channel some warmth.

Lorelie has three active sons, two yappy dogs, and a cat who cusses her out on a regular basis for not petting him enough.

In her immense free time (hah!) Lorelie cowrites award-winning contemporary erotic romance under the name Katie Porter. You can find out more about the Vegas Top Guns and Command Force Alpha series at or at @MsKatiePorter. You can also contact Lorelie on Twitter @LorelieBrown.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I love holiday stories, too. And, my family eats dinner together every night - it is the best part of the day.


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  3. Even though holidays are stressful, cooking together can be a joy!


  4. I don't read many F/F but I loved the Belladona Ink's first book; I have the chance to read this as an ARC and I loved it too. I hope there will be future books and I'm going to read those as well


  5. Thanks for the post. Being with family is the best thing about Thanksgiving! And the food, I won't lie about that.

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