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AotM ~ Any Means Necessary by Aimee Nicole Walker ~ (Review)

Title: Any Means Necessary 
Series: (Fated Hearts #7)
Author: Aimee Nicole Walker
Release date: September 20, 2016
Page count: 217


Mitchell Heston…

I wasn’t proud of the man I’d become – selfish, spoiled, and cynical. Mark Bradley’s reappearance in my life made me want to be a better man. It had been more than two decades since we’d last seen each other and neither of us resembled the kids we used to be. Our lives went in completely different directions and I never thought I’d see him again, let alone hire him as the head of my security team.

The attraction and chemistry between us was immediate and intense, but Mark had built walls around him that I wasn’t able to penetrate. It wasn’t in my nature to accept that I would never have the person I wanted most in life, so I pushed. Mistrust and missteps nearly ruined us before we even had a chance to begin. Then there was the little problem of someone wanting me dead. 

Mark “Deacon” Bradley…

Accepting a job working for Mitchell Heston was probably one of the biggest mistakes I’d ever made, but then why did it feel so right? We had nothing in common except a past that neither of us could change. What did I have to offer someone of Mitch’s caliber? He was a wealthy playboy and I was a battle hardened soldier with demons that threatened to ruin any chance of happiness for me. That didn’t stop me from wanting him, regardless of the consequences. 

None of my doubts mattered once Mitch’s life was in danger. My sole focus became keeping him safe so that we could explore the feelings that were growing between us. To do that, I would sacrifice anything and protect him by any means necessary.

Any Means Necessary is book 7 in the Fated Hearts series and can be read alone or as part of the series. This book contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adults 18 and older. 

**Book purchased by the reviewer**

Any Means Necessary is Book 7, and the final one, in Aimee Nicole Walker's Fated Hearts series. Of all the books in the series, I think this one can be read as a standalone. BUT honestly, I love all these characters and don't think you should skip out on any of them!

Mitch and Mark lived together in foster care as children, but then lost track of each other. When Mark was in need of a job, a friend recommended him for a head of security job for Mitch. Though the men were complete opposites, the chemistry between them could not be denied but Mark tries not to give in to the temptation no matter how much Mitch pushes. Mitch though is a man who won't be denied anything he wants, and honestly, it took me a while to like him. The more Mark denied Mitch, the worse Mitch became in trying to force Mark's hand by his continuous hiring of escorts and making Mark be nearby waiting for him to finish. 
It was hard to like Mitch and believe his interest is in Mark and not just getting into his pants so he could move on to the next guy and it was hard to like Mark for allowing Mitch to treat him this way.

Unlike previous stories, there's a lot of outside turbulence in this story. Mark is being questioned regarding an incident from before (took place in Book 2), and now someone is out for revenge on Mitch. There's a lot more action and adventure in this story than all the previous stories combined. And, just like all of Aimee's books together, once you get past Mitch being a jerk there's a hot, sexy, beautiful love story with a HEA!

Rating: 4 stars

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  1. i would go to any lengths to protect my family

  2. Congrats and thanks for the giveaway. I haven't read any of Aimee's work yet, but the I like, even in romance stories, where the characters are human, with flaws and problems, like in real life. And yes, there is that saying I would do anything, but I would do that without compromising myself. - Purple Reader
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