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AotM ~ Book Review: Rhythm of Us by Aimee Nicole Walker (Giveaway)

AotM ~ Book Review: Rhythm of Us by Aimee Nicole Walker (Giveaway)

Book: Rhythm of Us 
Series: (Fated Hearts #2)
Author: Aimee Nicole Walker
Release date: September 1, 2015
Page count: 248


Xavier Cruz has come home after touring with his band for eight years, a life his family and friends would never envy if they knew the truth. Haunted by past decisions, he’s lost himself and his music. Every day is a struggle to recapture them both and forgive the mistakes he’s made. Can Xavier push past his nightmares and hear the melodies all around him again?

Ben St. Claire has thought about the charismatic Xavier Cruz for the past year, but the man who has come home isn’t the same man who left. Watching two of his friends fall madly in love and fight to be together leaves Ben’s heart yearning for his own special someone. But can he fight another man’s battles so they can live in harmony?

Xavier feels things for Ben that he’s never felt before and it scares the hell out of him. How can he trust anyone else when he can’t trust himself?

Can Ben be the rock that he wants to be, or will he be the rock that causes Xavier to crumble?

Rhythm of Us is the second book in The Fated Heart Series. This book can be read as a standalone book, but has many characters that have been introduced in Chasing Mr. Wright.

This book contains explicit sexual acts between two men. This book also contains situations that may be triggers for some readers.

Rhythm of Us could be technically read as a standalone, however, I suggest reading Chasing Mr. Wright, not only because it's a great book, but because there's a lot of recurring characters that will show up again in book 2.

Xavier Cruz's life hasn't been easy since he was a little kid, but after finally leaving his abusive boyfriend/manager and the band he was in and going back home, he is ready to get better. He's definitely not ready to be in a relationship, though, even with gorgeous Ben St. Claire, if only the man wasn't straight. Ben isn't straight, though, not by a long margin, and he's patient and understanding and just what Xavier needs.

I really enjoyed this book. I absolutely loved Ben, who we've met in book 1 already. He wasn't as likable there, but after learning more about him, how could I not fall in love with him? I loved that he was such a patient, supporting and loving man with Xavier and I adored seeing him stand up to his parents (especially his mother, who was horrible). I liked Xavier, just not as much as Ben. There were a few parts in which I think Ben was too easy on him, but oh well, it worked well in the end. Xavier was stronger than he realized, after going through all he did in LA and then doing what he needed to help himself, it's not something that many would've done (not wanting to give much away, sorry if it's too vague). I really liked Xavier's relationship with his sister, Chase and Gram. And the chemistry between Ben and Xavier was sizzling, it was lovely seeing it grow into more as the book advanced.

Overall, this was a very good read! It's lovely seeing Aimee Nicole Walker's growth as a writer the more books of her I read. I adore her writing style and that the lives of all the characters in this series are so entwined, as it makes me that much more eager to read the following books.

Very recommendable!

Rating: 4.5 Stars!!!

**Book purchased by the reviewer**

Rhythm of Us is Book 2 in Aimee Nicole Walker's Fated Heart Series. It's probably possible to be read as a standalone, but I really think for full enjoyment of this series, it needs to be read in the appropriate order.

Xavier's childhood is heartbreaking, until he's rescued by his older sister and Gram. Xavier loves his family and music. He's living his dream touring with his band but it isn't as good on the inside as it appears on the outside. Xavier has a fight ahead of him, and he decides to leave the band and go home to his family. He has to find a way to get himself and his music back. He works hard to be his old self when his family is around, but that isn't working with Ben. Ben has watched Xavier for the last year and he knows the man that's come home is not the same. Ben is best friends with Xavier's sister which has created confusion for Xavier who doesn't realize Ben's gay. Ben has watched his best friend find love and happiness and that's what he wants for himself. He wants a future with Xavier but isn't going to get one easily.

This story was full of heartbreak! I loved Xavier and thought he was really such a strong person. Yes, he stumbled along the way and didn't always make good decisions, but he persevered and worked hard to improve. And even though most of his biological family did not teach him love, acceptance and family, he's had his sister, Gram and Chase to love him, if he will open himself up and let them in. All the negatives in his life have created some big walls for everyone to break down and remind him how loved he is. Ben is absolutely perfect for Xavier! Even though he hasn't had a great childhood, he knows what he wants and he's able to provide the support and strength that Xavier needs.

I love that this series has reoccurring characters and we get to know their stories further and where life has taken them. And this series would not be as special if we didn't have Gram's character and all her crazy love for her family. I highly recommend this series!

Rating: 5 stars!

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