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AotM ~ Curl Up and Dye Series by Aimee Nicole Walker ~ (Review)

This is our last post for January's Author of the Month and I just wanted to say that it's been an absolute pleasure promoting, reading and sharing our reviews for Aimee Nicole Walker's books throughout this month. She's a fantastic writer and a lovely friend and I, for one, am impatiently waiting for more books from her, especially book 3 on the Curl Up and Dye series, which will be released on March 7. *bounces*

I loved seeing you all interact with us during January and I hope you had fun as well and you'll join us on Wednesday to welcome February's Author of the Month, N.R. Walker, and though it may seem like it at the time, we promise your last name doesn't have to be Walker to to our author of the month!!! LOL!

💖 Mari

Title: Dyeing to be Loved 
Series: (Curl Up and Dye Mysteries #1)
Author: Aimee Nicole Walker
Release date: November 8, 2016
Page count:  224


Gabriel Wyatt is a big city Detective living in a small Ohio town. He expects a peaceful existence once he moves from Miami, Florida, but that’s the last thing he finds. Instead, Gabe discovers murder, mayhem, and one smart-mouthed stylist he can’t get out of his head.

Josh “Jazz” Roman is a small-town business owner with big dreams and an attitude to match. He finds himself in the middle of a case that brings the dreamy detective to the front door of his Curl Up and Dye salon. Josh learns that the biggest threat to him isn’t a killer; it’s a man who wants something from him that he vowed to never give again - his heart.

Both men deny that there’s something between them, even though they’re drawn together like magnets. Can Gabe convince Josh to let down his guard or will Josh let past hurts destroy his chance at a happy future?

Dyeing to be Loved is the first book in the Curl Up and Dye Mystery series. These books are written to be read in order. They contain sexually explicit material and are intended for adults 18 and older. 

**Note from author: Gabe and Josh have a prequel that was previously published in the Nut Case Love Anthology. That book is no longer for sale and their story has been returned to me. You can read it for free on my blog at The story and blog post are titled Fatal Reaction.

Author: Aimee Nicole Walker
Publisher: Aimee Nicole Walker
Publish Date: January 3, 2017
Cover Artist: Jay Aheer
Photographer: Wander Aguiar


A phone call in the middle of the night forces Detective Gabriel Wyatt out of his warm bed and into the frigid night to identify the body of a murdered man whose wallet contains Gabe’s business card instead of an ID. That night sets off a chain of events that chills Gabe to his bones when it appears that the killer has set his eyes on a new target – Josh Roman.

Josh comes face-to-face with a painful reminder of his past just when he’s ready to acknowledge that his feelings for Gabe go way beyond liking the man. How can he trust that his feelings for Gabe are right when before he’d always been so wrong?

Will Josh and Gabe finally acknowledge that what they have is something to live for or will they allow danger and doubts to destroy their chance at something amazing?   

Something to Dye For is book 2 in the Curl Up and Dye Mysteries series. These books are written to be read in order. They contain sexually explicit material and are intended for adults 18 and older.

I've been trying to read these books for a long time, ever since I got my grubby little paws on the first one, but I have to admit that I was a bit confused thinking I was missing something when I started with the first one and then RL and more books interfered and I put it aside for a bit. Then Aimee Nicole Walker gave us the link on her FB to the prequel to the series, Fatal Reaction, and I devoured it, but I was still a bit pressed for time for longer books, so I pushed reading the rest back again. When we decided to ask Aimee to be our first Author of the Month, I think this series was the one I was the most excited about reading and let me tell you, I loved it!

Josh is a successful stylist and owner of the Curl Up and Dye salon in the small town of Blissville in Ohio and Gabe is a police detective that moved from Florida following his now ex and thinking the small town would be more peaceful than the big city. From the moment Josh and Gabe meet, sparks fly and not in a good way, as one of Gabe's comments is blown out of proportion by Josh, whose fiery temper makes it almost impossible for the handsome detective to apologize. Even when a murderer seems to have set his sights on Josh, and Gabe comes to his rescue, Josh refused to let him in, even if he can't deny his growing attraction for Gabe.

One thing is sure, there's never a dull moment in Blissville!

I won't spoil you further than this, because you need to read these books, but this series is absolutely brilliant! The covers are breathtaking, the complex crime storylines will keep you guessing and turning the pages and the love story between Gabe and Jose will have you sighing and wishing for more. These two are definitely hot, hot, HOT together and Aimee Nicole Walker shows us she's a master at creating very sexy scenes that almost threatened to set my kindle on fire. Never mind that the dialogue, both between Gabe and Josh and with the rest of the cast was amazing! The books are funny, well-written, engaging, fast-paced and character-driven, although Something to Dye For ends in a bit of cliffhanger, so now that I'm up to date, I simply can't wait for book 3 to find out what's coming next for Gabe and Josh!

Rating: 5 Stars!!!

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  1. This is one of my favorite series! I love the chemistry and bickering between Josh and Gabe, especially before they got together.