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Release Day Review ~ By The Numbers by Chris Owen and Tory Temple

Release Day Review ~ By The Numbers by Chris Owen and Tory Temple

Title: By the Numbers
Author: Chris Owens and Tory Temple
Release Date: January 16, 2017
Category: Contemporary
Pages: 158 (Novella)
When Nathaniel, aka Deuce, arrives home to an apartment building on fire, he can only think of one thing: his pregnant dog. Luckily firefighter Trey Donovan rescues her, and Nathaniel is exceedingly grateful. In fact, he tracks down Trey’s station so he can show his gratitude properly—and explore the connection he senses between them. Trey’s interested, but a less-than-friendly ex-wife and the seven-year-old daughter he’s raising make things… complicated. Between everything on Trey’s plate and the newborn puppies Deuce must care for—while homeless—finding common ground won’t be easy. But the spark of attraction between them is too enticing to be allowed to fizzle.
First Edition published by Torquere Press, 2011.

4 Stars!

When Deuce's apartment building catches on fire, he is distraught worrying about his pregnant dog still trapped inside. Luckily, a firefighter comes to the rescue saving the poor dog. Trey couldn't stand the thought of leaving a defenseless animal inside to possibly die in a fire. He was just doing his job when he ran into the building to save her.

Deuce is so thankful for what Trey did, he offers him one of the puppies. While Trey is considering the offer, since his 7-year-old daughter has been asking for a dog for years, he and Deuce strike up a friendship that leads to the two becoming roommates. From there, Trey and Deuce quickly find they can't fight their mutual attraction and this may be the best thing to ever happen to them.

Unfortunately, it's not all wine and roses for these two. Trey is divorced and sharing custody of his daughter with a bitter ex-wife who seems to hate the idea of Trey being happy, especially with Deuce. She's not necessarily evil but she is definitely not going to let things just be smooth-sailing for any of them and that begins to cause trouble for the two men.

I liked both MCs and thought they had good chemistry and seemed to fit together pretty well. I wasn't blown away by either of them, though, or by the story. The writing was well done and the story flowed well, nothing really stuck out that was wrong, I just didn't fall in love with it.

I may have been a tad underwhelmed after reading a more action-packed book before it, so I don't want to blame my lack of enthusiasm on the writing or the plot. I think there are people about there that will really love the story and the characters.

*Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.*

*Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.*

By The Numbers is Book 1 in the By the Numbers series by Chris Owen and Tory Temple. This book has the same setting as Tory Temple's Firefighters' series but can be read as a standalone.

Nathaniel (Deuce) does not expect to see all the fire trucks when he arrives home one night after work. He's in shock but is able to let those attending the fire know that his pregnant dog is in his apartment. Much to his surprise, one of the firefighters is able to get into the apartment and save her. When the puppies are born healthy, Deuce heads to the fire station to thank the firefighter and share the good news that he's now a godfather. Trey is surprised when Deuce shows up at the firestation but is happy to hear about the dog and puppies. He and Deuce plan on him coming to meet the puppies, and he can't help but agree to take one. Deuce and Trey hit it off and become friends as they get to know each other playing with the puppies. Deuce is living with the puppies and dog in a room of his friend's house and Trey offers his guest room when Deuce is able to reduce the amount of dogs he'll be bringing with him. Before long, the guys are settling into life together, furthering their friendship and seeing the possibilities of a relationship together.

This story was a very normal every day story, in my opinion. Deuce worked in IT, had a good job and friends on the job. Trey originally considered himself bisexual which is how he now has an ex-wife and daughter. He and his ex-wife don't have a good relationship, but they both do what's best for their daughter regardless of personal feelings. Trey is not out of the closet at work, but doesn't try to keep Deuce in the closet. Their relationship was full or normal, everyday activities. They shopped, they made plans as to who would be home to care for the dogs, they cooked, they watched tv. Just normal everyday things. They easily moved into a relationship and even with the ex-wife, it was just a small bump in their life. Trey's daughter was adorable and Deuce did great at developing a relationship with her. This was a quick, light read with no angst and a HEA.

Rating: 4 stars

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