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Release Day Review: Out For The Night by A.J. Truman

Release Day Review: Out For The Night by A.J. Truman

“For the night, I am yours…” 

Meet Coop: Formal date. Wingman. Friend. Mystery man. He calls himself the G-rated Gigolo of Browerton. He could be anyone you wanted him to be…for a price. 

One night, his services are called upon for a unique assignment: distract a computer science nerd whose strong grades are killing the class curve. All Coop has to do is get the guy away from his books, save the curve, and collect the biggest payday of his G-rated Gigolo career. 

Should be easy enough, right? 

Matty has no interest in making friends or any cherished college memories that don’t involve the Dean’s list. Growing up, he withstood years of relentless bullying and loneliness to graduate from high school as valedictorian. His tough shell helps him excel at Browerton, bringing him one step closer to his dream internship in robotic engineering—even if he has to do it solo. 

When Coop stumbles into his life, he slowly breaks down the walls that Matty keeps concreted in stone. Sparks fly and quickly blossom into something deeper, but how long can their relationship last before the truth comes out? 

Out for the Night is the 4th book in the Browerton University series, but can easily be read as a standalone. It contains humor, heart, and hot guys. The book is intended for readers 18+.

4.5 Stars

*Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by the author/publisher for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement.*

Coop is a G-rated gigolo, someone who plays the bf, wingman or friend for the night. An escort of sorts without the involvement of sex or tongue. Matty is a robotic engineering student. His only focus is getting the highest GPA, so he'll earn an internship. One of Matty's classmates hires Coop to befriend Matty and distract him, so his GPA will fall and the grading curve will work for him and his classmates. The last thing Coop expects is to not only become friends with Matty, but to fall for him, as well.

This was a enjoyable read, but angsty with a capital A. My stomach was in knots for most of the book and I felt like I couldn't relax. I just knew the secret Coop was keeping from Matty was going to blow up in his face any minute. This story kept me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the explosion. When it finally does explode, it isn't a pretty sight. I really did like Matty and Coop, especially Coop, he was sweet and caring, but when you start peeling away the layers and removing the armor you get to see his vulnerability, as well. It took a while for me to warm up to them as a couple, but I did finally connect, and they were sweet and had a good chemistry. The sex was sweet and passionate, but I appreciated that it was realistic and sort of awkward at first. I loved that Matty and Coop wanted to take care of and support each other. They were both encouraging when it came to school and extracurricular activities.

The story was well-written and flowed well. It was great going back to Browerton University. I really loved Rafe. He's sweet and kinda awkward and I'm really hoping his story is next. This was a great story filled with heartache, happiness, friendship, humor and love. Very recommendable!!

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