Friday, January 13, 2017

Release Day Review: The Sweetest Goodbye by Christina Lee (Review + Exclusive Giveaway)

Release Day Review: The Sweetest Goodbye by Christina Lee (Review + Exclusive Giveaway)


Billie Montgomery was always known as the sick kid with the therapy dog. Dylan Bowden never had two nickels to rub together, let alone a true home to call his own. The two have been best friends since high school. They’re always there for each other, so when Billie opens his own bakery called Montgomery’s Sweets no one supports him better than Dylan.

The business is a success, and Billie figures he’s got everything he needs. Everything except the guy he’s been saving himself for, no matter how often Dylan tells him it’s time to move on. After a night out turns into a sexy exchange between the best friends, they pretend like nothing happened. Besides, Billie’s still holding a torch for somebody else, and Dylan has always been a considerable flirt.

When Billie’s first love unexpectedly breezes through town and life throws him a pretty rough curve ball, will Billie seek solace in the one man he’s pining for, or the only guy who’s ever protected his heart?

Please note: This novella was once part of the It Was Always You charity anthology, which is no longer for sale. The story takes place a few years after The Hardest Fall. Billie first appeared in The Deepest Blue as Callum's brother. This is an adult romance intended for an 18+ audience.

5 + Stars!!!

**Please Note: This review was originally posted as part of the anthology "It Was Always You"**

**warning, get some tissues ready to read this story**

I was one of those pesky readers who begged for Billie's story, and Christina gave me what I asked for and so much more. She threw in a surprise curveball, but I loved the story. 

Billie and Dylan were just perfect and they fit together like pieces of a puzzle. The chemistry they shared was astronomical and explosive. The sexual tension palpable. The love they feel for one another comes off the pages at you. 

The story was well-written, paced well and I really loved getting to re-visit with Dean and Callum, as well as the rest of the Callum and Billie's family. It was also a nice surprise to see Tate and Sebastian, too!!

This was an incredible conclusion to Billie's story, filled with some sadness and heartbreak, but also loaded with friendship, romance, sweetness, love and plenty of hotness!! Highly recommended!! 

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  1. i dont have one because it always seems the author writes the book for the character i loved

  2. Oh that's tough. I've been lucky that most secondary characters have gotten a book later.

  3. This one is stumping me. Most if not all the books I've read usually have the secondary character covered in the next book.

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