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Release Day Tour ~ Touches (Four Short Stories) by Alina Popescu (Exclusive Excerpt + Giveaway)

Release Day Tour ~ Touches (Four Short Stories) by Alina Popescu (Exclusive Excerpt + Giveaway)

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Touches is a collection of four contemporary gay romance short stories following the same cast of characters. They can be read in any order, but to better immerse yourself in the characters’ lives, reading them in order is advised.


Sometimes a single touch is enough to change everything. Physical or emotional, a touch can tilt the world on its axis and shift your entire life. It can lead to hell, or it can lead to paradise, but things will never be the same…


Tudor has big plans for New York City.

Ditch his homophobic colleague. See a musical. Definitely check out the go-go boys.

Meeting one Phantom on Grindr wasn’t in the script.

Tudor gets caught up in a whirlwind when his favorite musical character steps off the stage and into his life.


Hauled to work in Hawaii, Tudor has little time to enjoy the island paradise.

His obnoxious friend Radu has it much easier, using his free time to set Tudor up, dangling a willing Hawaiian beauty in front of him.

Having been burned by long-distance relationships before, Tudor stubbornly resists Kahoni’s advances.

But can Tudor be worn down enough to enjoy a touch of paradise?


A moody and angry Tudor follows his friend, Radu, to the airport to pick up a client.

Despite Radu’s efforts, he’s still sulking over his boyfriend, Kahoni, not being able to fly over for his birthday.

But the airport only opens up the door to a stream of steamy surprises for Tudor. Will his mood improve?


Radu has always joked with Tudor about his friend’s gay rubbing off on him. Neither of them has taken that joke seriously until Radu’s meltdown and crazy confession: Radu thinks he might be gay.

Despite Radu’s insistence that Tudor’s gayness has helped him figure out his own, there’s more to that story of discovery. Charismatic, sexy, and all around amazing Marius, the man Radu has been crushing on for months, pushed the loud-mouth, offensive Radu into exploring who he truly is.

Figuring out he wasn’t all that straight is the easy part. Getting enough courage to talk to Marius, that’s a whole different challenge, as Radu seems to turn into a stuttering idiot around Marius. Will Radu learn to be confident enough to pursue Marius? Or will Marius act faster and challenge the confused Radu too soon?

Excerpt – A Touch of Gay

Radu tried his best to be present. Be there in the moment and enjoy the short time he had with his friends before their move to Hawaii. He failed, spending dinner, the movie, and the trip back to Tudor’s apartment in a weird trance where he could see himself talk and interact with his friends, but from somewhere else, detached and robotic. Whatever part of his brain was still working was furiously obsessing over the rest of their night. The club, sitting there, waiting and hoping Marius would come. Being flustered, tongue-tied, and clumsy if he did come. Being all sad and wallowing if he didn’t. Neither option felt great. Why am I doing this then?
The answer was simple. Any secondary feelings paled when Marius was around. When Radu was close enough to notice his facial expression, to swoon over that perfect fucking smile, or to suddenly feel weak in the knees whenever he happened to lock eyes with the object of his obsession, that feeling took the spotlight.
No matter how low he felt afterwards, Radu loved the high of seeing Marius. Never in his life had Radu felt so elated, so completely intoxicated by just being around another human being. If this was what being infatuated felt like, he wanted more of it. More of the ecstatic ride, the stomach butterflies and sudden dizziness he felt when he spotted Marius. No wonder teenagers were such slobs and such brats! There was nothing of them left for common sense or courtesy. Everything went into riding this strange dragon that used nothing but your own brain chemistry against you.
“Ready, Romeo?” Tudor asked, pulling Radu out of his daze.
“Not really.”
“Well, we’re leaving now, so you have the car ride to the club to pull yourself together.”
“Yeah, sure, that’s not impossible at all.” Radu caught a final glimpse of himself as he followed Tudor and Kahoni along the hallway leading them out of the apartment. He did look much better than normal, but would that ever be enough for Marius? If Radu were Marius, he’d set his sights higher, for sure. 
Touches by Alina Popescu

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About the author

Writer, traveler, and coffee addict, Alina Popescu has been in love with books all her life. She started writing when she was ten and she has always been drawn to sci-fi, fantasy, and the supernatural realm. Born and raised in Romania, she finds her inspiration in books of all genres, in movies, and the occasional manga comic book. She is a proud geek who needs her fast Internet and gadgets more than she needs air.

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