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Release Tour ~ Muerto by Chiah Wilder ~ (Review + Giveaway)

Title: Muerto
 Series: Night Rebels MC #2
Author: Chiah Wilder
Genre: MC Romance (can be standalone)
Release: April 24, 2017
From the first time Muerto laid eyes on her, he wanted her on her knees, his hand pulling her long black hair back.
Six feet of muscles and tats make Muerto a magnet for women. Being an officer in the Night Rebels MC is an added bonus. He likes the drama of hooking up with citizen women and the casualness of the club women, but he’s never found a woman who stirs something deep inside him.
Until she comes into the club’s pool hall.
She hustles the customers.
She gives him attitude.
And her smoky gray eyes pull him right in.
He figures he’ll go a couple rounds with her, then move on to the next woman.
The problem is that he can’t get the sassy pool shark out of his mind. And he can’t stop thinking of all the nasty things he wants to do to her.
Raven Harris grew up with pool cues in her hands. She has the game in her blood. Healing from a broken heart, she isn’t interested in meeting another man. 
Then she meets Muerto. He’s sexy, rough, tatted, and arrogant as hell. He screams heartbreaker. Not wanting to do another spin on the heartbreak carousel, she pushes him away. But her body wants him in the worst way.
As Raven begins to let Muerto into her life, evil lurks in the darkness…watching her…waiting to strike. 
Can Muerto stop the danger that threatens to destroy their chance at love and happiness? 
The Night Rebels MC series are standalone gritty romance novels. MUERTO is Book Two in the series. This book contains violence, strong language, sexual assault (not graphic), and steamy/graphic sexual scenes. It describes the life and actions of an outlaw motorcycle club. HEA. No cliffhangers. 18+.

4.5 Stars!

Ugh! Again I find myself wondering WTF?! The men in these stories piss me off to no end. I don't understand why the H has to be a douche just because he's a biker. I read plenty of MC books and while yes, some are jerks by no means is it the majority. I have no problem with them being rough, hard, domineering or the like, however, if they are going to be with the h, I'd like them to be somewhat loveable. Muerto is a narcissistic a$$h*!€ with a major case of lack of boundaries. Thank the Lord above he started to curb that behavior as the story progressed or I thought I'd pull my hair out. Around half way through, Muerto became a completely different man and actually started to behave more like I am used to.

Raven is very likable but I have to tell you, I seriously question whether or not she has a survival instinct. First, she seems to not have any clue what could happen to her by hustling not just drunk men but Bikers in a bar owned by Bikers. Not to mention she has a crazy neighbor and she just brushed it off. Lastly, but this is the one that made me want to break my kindle, she is almost brutalized and everyone just lets it go and acts like everything is fine. I'm sorry but NO!

Anyway, overall, I liked Raven a lot and I liked that she wasn't whiney or clingy and she just kind of accepted Muerto's lifestyle with ease. Once these two get past the insane way they behave around one another (Raven isn't easy by any means and Muerto doesn't know how to pursue a woman who isn't openly drooling over him) and they get together, they're great. They have great chemistry and are passionate and caring and fall into a good place. I was definitely rooting for them to have a HEA.

The mystery in the story surrounds Raven and Muerto. Someone seems to be watching Raven and leaving her disturbing gifts. There are quite a few suspects and frankly, they all have motives, so it was nice having to guess "who dunnit?" Chiah did a pretty good job revealing just what was needed to keep readers guessing.

I'm looking forward to book 3 which is Diablo's story, it sounds very intriguing and I have a feeling it's going to be an emotional read. With that said I completely recommend Muerto!

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by the author/publisher for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.***

Chiah Wilder is the author of Hawk’s Property, the first book in the Insurgents MC Series. It is a full length, standalone novel. Its release date is set for October 27, 2015.

Always a lover of books, she began writing at a young age and continued through college with collections of short stories. Figuring she had to grow up and get a “real” job, her writing was placed on the back burner. 

Her love of reading has always be center front in her life. Chiah’s love of bad boys both in and out of fiction has inspired her Insurgents series. She loves an alpha male whose softer side is brought out by a passionate, spirited woman. In fiction there are no rules or boundaries, and fantasies can go as far as the characters want to take them. Steamy, biker romances with rough, sexy bad boys are her guilty pleasure along with brownies, cheddar cheese, and movie marathons. 

Returning to writing has been a dream come true. Writing and publishing Hawk’s Property has been an amazing journey, and she is happy to share the Insurgents family with her readers. She is busy writing her next book in the series.

Chiah would love to hear from you. You can contact her at:

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