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Release Day Review ~ Liar Liar by TA Moore (Giveaway)

Release Day Review ~ Liar Liar by TA Moore 

Title: Liar, Liar

Author: TA Moore

Release Date: May 12, 2017
Category: Mystery/Suspense
Pages: 216

Just another day at the office.
For some people that means spreadsheets, and for others it’s stitching endless hems. For Jacob Archer a day at the office is stealing proprietary information from a bioengineering firm for a paranoid software billionaire. He’s a liar and a thief, parlaying a glib tongue and a facile conscience into a lucrative career. He just has one rule—never get involved with a mark.
Well, had one rule. To be fair though, Simon Ramsey is dark, dangerous, and has shoulders like a Greek statue. Besides, it’s not as though Jacob’s even really stealing from Simon… just his boss and his brother-in-law. Simon didn’t buy that excuse either after he caught Jacob breaking into the company’s computer network.
That would have been that—one messy breakup, one ticket to Bali booked—but it turns out that the stolen information is worth more than Jacob thought. With his life—and his ribs—threatened, Jacob needs Simon to help him out. Or maybe he just needs Simon.

4 Stars!

So, this is a fun and sexy corporate espionage novel. Jacob has been hired to find out if the CEO of the bioengineering company, Syntech, has stolen a code written by his old college frenemy and Social Media developer. While Jacob may be good at what he does, this time he's made a mistake, a big one. He's gone and fallen for Syntech's head Security Specialist, a former Marine who's none too happy to find out his boyfriend is a lying thief.

What I Loved: I really enjoyed the opening scene when we get to see Jacob at work. It reminded me a little of Mission Impossible or something. I had a vivid picture of it in my head. It's not the only scene where we get to see Jacob in his element and those to me are the best parts of the book.

I also loved the humor. This book is full of humor and I had quite a few laugh out loud moments. Jacob's character is extremely charming and it has everything to do with his snark and witty banter. I couldn't help but love him.

What I Liked: this story isn't filled with sex even though there is a huge amount of sexual tension from beginning to end. The few scenes there were, though, were pretty steamy and the men had undeniable chemistry in bed.

Simon wants to hate Jacob but he can't and that makes his life difficult. He already had trust issues to begin with and now Jacob has caused him to spiral back to a place he didn't want to go. As much as he'd like to turn his back on him, when he finds out someone is trying to hurt Jacob, Simon can't stop himself from trying to protect him.

What I Didn't Like: Truth be told, I didn't like Simon all that much. He might've had great chemistry with Jacob but I thought he had too much anger and resentment to actually be with him. Obviously, he had good reasons to be pissed but he couldn't stay away from Jacob and since he didn't seem to be able to forgive him or even stop throwing the lies in Jacob's face, it seemed unhealthy. I can't really see anything but disaster with him.

I don't mind reading about broken men but Simon didn't really redeem himself. I assume this will not be the only book we see these men in, so I'm hoping Simon can pull himself together better. However, if this is a standalone, I'm not sure I feel like they are settled.

Overall, this was a fun read. I really liked it but something held me back from loving it. It could be my dislike of Simon or maybe the fact that it just didn't seem finished, I'm not sure. Either way, I think people who love spy and books about thieves and the like, will enjoy Liar, 

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***

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  1. I like detective/FBI agents books more than spies :(

  2. I do like spy books, although I haven't read many as they don't seem as prevalent as other types of suspense/mystery books.

  3. Love spy books.

  4. I do like spy books although I can't think of a favorite at the moment.

  5. I haven't read many but yes. I think they're intriguing.

  6. I enjoy spy,and FBI books especially the excellent "Cut & Run" series by Abigail Roux.