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Release Day Review ~ Love Wanted by John Inman (Giveaway)

Release Day Review ~ Love Wanted by John Inman

Title: Love Wanted

Author: John Inman

Release Date: June 19, 2017
Category: Paranormal: Ghosts/Spirits
Pages: 270

When it rains, it pours. Not only has Larry Walls been evicted from his apartment, but his hours have also been cut at the department store where he works, leaving him facing homelessness.
Meanwhile, Bo Lansing, a total stranger to Larry, toils at a dead-end job as a fry cook while attending night classes to become a certified chef. When the school closes its doors without warning, leaving Bo in the lurch for thousands of dollars in tuition, his dream of becoming a chef is shattered and his financial troubles spiral.
Desperate for a new beginning, each man answers an ad for live-in help posted by a wealthy recluse, and wonder of wonders, they are both hired! Just as their lives begin to improve, a young Kumeyaay Indian named Jimmy Blackstone joins the workforce at the Stanhope mansion.
When Mr. Stanhope’s true reason for hiring the young men is discovered by one of the three, a fourth entity makes its presence known.

With all these players vying for position in a game of intrigue orchestrated by one lonely old man and a mischievous ghost, can a simple thing like love ever hope to survive the fray?

4 Stars!

Down on his luck and facing eviction, Larry answers an ad for Easy Money. Unsure of what the job might all entail, Larry takes a chance. Meeting Roger Stanhope and being welcomed into his home feels right and Larry finds himself happier every day.

Bo works as a short order cook but dreams of being a chef. However, his aspirations are snuffed out when his school closes without warning and no reimbursement of tuition. Hoping that his luck will change with the prospect of a new job advertised as "Easy Money", Bo finds himself working side by side with Larry.

While Larry is finding a home in Stanhope's mansion and his comfortable presence, Bo discovers why they were both really hired. Soon they are joined by another new hire, Jimmy, who takes over the gardening and vehicle maintenance. Throwing a wrench in everything.

What I Loved: I loved the twist about midway through the book. I actually didn't see it coming (I'm not sure if I missed it or not) and it changed my feelings for the story in a good way.

I loved Roger and Jeremy and while they were secondary characters, they were very important to the overall story. The fact that they had been together for 70 years was so sweet even if we didn't truly get to see them together. It added to the overall story because it was the example of what Roger wanted for Larry.

What I Liked: I really liked Larry, who has an innocence about him even though he's not. He is just a good person and has a natural charm that makes everyone love him. I wished I could have connected to him more and I'm sure I would have adored him. Unfortunately for personal reasons that didn't happen.

The same goes for Jimmy. I'm sure if there was more of a connection and his character had more depth, I would've loved him. There was so much more emphasis on the other characters than him.

What I Didn't Like: the story got off to a slow start to me. Until the little surprise/twist, I felt like I couldn't completely get into the story. I didn't care for any of the characters at that point either and I couldn't at all connect with them. Something I think had to do with the formality of the dialogue. I didn't quite feel like it was natural.

I enjoyed the overall story. It almost had a fairytale feel about it. I loved how it made me anxious to see what would happen between all the characters. Larry, Bo and Jimmy, Roger and Jeremy, all of them. I'd recommend it.

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement.***

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  1. I like closeted cases because it shows a great deal of people that are in the same situation.
    I don't believe in love at first sight but lust at first sight.
    I love any sort of shifter books, if the shifter is something else besides the common wolf feline one, even better.

  2. I don't read many historical stories in m/m genre. I love regency romances it just something I grew up reading.

  3. Thanks for the good review. I absolutely love historicals, my fav gay subgenre. Unfortunately, there are few choices in my fav era - Colonial & American Revolution. If I were a writer, I'd pick that b/c it's ripe for picking, and think there'd be so much historical material and dynamics to work with. - Purple Reader,
    TheWrote [at] aol [dot] com

  4. While I enjoy movies based on books, I usually point out (while watching the movie) all of the things that were left out or changed - which can dampen the experience for the person I went to the movies with.