Friday, July 7, 2017

Release Day Review ~ Two-Man Advantage by Leigh Carman

Title: Two-Man Advantage
Series: Players of LA: Book Three
Author: Leigh Carman
Release Date: July 7, 2017
Category: Contemporary, BDSM
Pages: 200

A hockey star skating on the edge of a catastrophe.

A PR specialist so adept, he’s called “the fixer.”

Working together will be the biggest challenge of both their careers.

The LA Vikings hockey team is fed up with the violent outbursts of its huge Right wing, Viktor Novak, who is not an enforcer but persists in acting like one. Hounded by a homophobic and domineering father, Viktor takes out his frustrations by spilling blood—on and off the ice. Now he has one last chance to clean up his image, or his career is over.

That’s where Bowen Miller comes in.

Bo has taken on the hardest cases and succeeded—by micromanaging every aspect of a client’s life—at the expense of his own happiness. But in the stubborn, hot mess that is Viktor, Bo might have met his match—both in and out of the bedroom. One man is out of control, and one controls everything. But when sex and attraction come into play, those roles are open to negotiation.

3.5 Stars!

Viktor is a volatile young Hockey player in the NHL. The only thing keeping his team from benching him permanently is the fact that he's their best player. However, if he doesn't want them to trade him he's got to change his image.

That's where Bo comes in. He's a fixer and PR expert, with his help, the team is hoping Viktor shapes up. Bo isn't sure he'll be able to fix Viktor but he's up to the challenge. If he can turn things around for a lost cause like Viktor then he'll have his pick of celebrity clients vying for him.

Neither man expects anything good to come from working together and are surprised when they meet and find their attraction is all-consuming. Different sides of the same kind, both men can offer the other the thing they need the most. Bo, always in extreme control can finally let go and let someone else take over for once. Viktor, never having any control feels natural dominating Bo and finds it helps calm the rage that brews inside.

So I'm not sure why I didn't completely fall in love with this story but I just didn't find myself connecting to it the way I'd hoped. I generally enjoy books about athletes, even if I don't particularly care for sports at all. The premise was quite interesting it just for whatever reason fell flat for me.

Viktor was full of rage but honestly, I understood it and in fact, empathized with what he had going on. He didn't truly want to be a pariah but that much self-loathing and pain is not easy to deal with. He was in a volatile sport and he was a volatile man, not to mention he's only 23 which in my opinion is still young.

His father was a horrible man and didn't deserve to be called father and honestly, his brother wasn't all that great either. He didn't have any real friends, because how can you when you aren't able to be yourself. His whole life was a secret and basically a lie.

I really didn't care for Bo. I didn't like the way he treated people and I didn't really like the way he went from Grade A Jerk to his assistant one minute and then soft submissive to Viktor the next. I never felt the natural transition. It was almost too much or too fast to me, I'm not sure. He wasn't evil or anything he just wasn't someone I cared for.

I wouldn't say this is instalove or anything, but it's definitely instalust. They balance each other out and they work well together but other than hoping Viktor finally could let go of his hatred and anger, I didn't feel invested in the story. I'm not sure I'd jump to recommend Two-Man Advantage but I definitely recommend this author.

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by the author/publisher for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.***

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