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Release Blitz: A Viking For Yule by Jamie Fessenden (Series Review + Giveaway)

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Length: 56,000 words approx.

Cover Design: Reese Dante

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AFTER SAM'S GRANDFATHER nearly died in a blizzard one year ago, Sam has panic attacks in snow storms. So where does his friend Jackie propose they spend the holidays, as the last stop on their trip around the world?

Iceland. Of course.

But there's more in Iceland than snow. When Arnar, a handsome Icelandic man, offers to escort Sam on a several-day tour of the beautiful countryside, they soon find themselves drawn to each other. But Arnar is firmly rooted in his native soil, and Sam has to return to the US in a week to care for his ailing grandfather.

Suddenly, yule can’t last nearly long enough.

NOTE: Though this novel includes characters from "A Cop for Christmas," it is a standalone adventure. It isn’t necessary to read "A Cop for Christmas" first.

A Cop for Christmas

4 Stars!

Mason is traveling to his parents' new farm in New Hampshire to spend the holidays when he's stopped by a cop who gives him a ticket for speeding. Even if he realizes the cop was just doing his job, that makes him not as keen on being civil to who Mason realizes is his parents' neighbor. However, the more they see each other, the more attracted they are and what started as animosity quickly morphs into more. But is this just a holiday affair or could it be more?

I really liked Steve and Mason, even if they couldn't be more different they complemented each other's personality and they had great chemistry. 

I wasn't too fond of the way Mason's mom pushed him into dating Sam, especially since Sam seemed very clingy and very annoying. Rufus was cute and Grampy was totally adorbs and my heart broke when he was in distress, but thankfully it all worked well in the end. I also liked Kade, Mason's brother, he was a very intriguing character! 

Overall, this was a very good start to the series, I really liked the glimpses into Steve's work and how it showcased how well Steve and Mason worked together, even with their differences. Very recommendable!

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***

A Viking For Yule

4 Stars!

We met Sam in book 1 of the series, A Cop for Christmas, and even if it can be perfectly read as a standalone, the previous book is very good so it would be a pity to miss out on it. 

Sam and Jackie, who we met in book 1, too, have been traveling around the world and their last stop before returning to New Hampshire is Iceland, where Jackie plans to visit her old friend Inga and her son Arnar. While they don't exactly hit it off at first, that quickly changes and they fall for each other. However, Sam has to return to the US to take care of his Grampy and Arnar doesn't want to move from Iceland, or does he?

This was a cute story. Frankly, I found Sam kind of annoying in A Cop for Christmas, so I wasn't sure if I was going to like him here. However, the trip with Jackie did him a world of good and even if he still had panic attacks, he appeared to be more mature and he came into his own in this book and that made him infinitely more likable to me. Arnar had a huge chip on his shoulder regarding tourists, which after a certain scene later in the book was completely understandable, but at first, I found it difficult to relate with him because he was so prejudiced. Once they gave in to the attraction sizzling between them, things were really fast, but it worked well for them. 

I really liked getting to know Jackie better, she was a bit of a mystery in the first book and I found her very interesting. And of course, I loved seeing Grampy, Steve and Mason doing so well. 

Even if I found the book enjoyable, I think the author went a little overboard with all the information about Iceland and its tourist spots, which was a tad overbearing after a while. I do prefer the focus on the books I read to remain in the main couple rather than on the places they visit. Other than that, this was a nice, entertaining read that I'd gladly recommend. 

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***

Author Bio

Jamie Fessenden is an author of gay fiction in many genres. Most involve romance, because he believes everyone deserves to find love, but after that anything goes: contemporary, science fiction, historical, paranormal, mystery, or whatever else strikes his fantasy.

Jamie Fessenden set out to be a writer in junior high school. He published a couple short pieces in his high school's literary magazine and had another story place in the top 100 in a national contest, but it wasn't until he met his partner, Erich, almost twenty years later, that he began writing again in earnest. With Erich alternately inspiring and goading him, Jamie wrote several screenplays and directed a few of them as micro-budget independent films. He then began writing novels and published his first novella in 2010. After nine years together, Jamie and Erich have married and purchased a house together in the wilds of Raymond, New Hampshire, where there are no street lights, turkeys and deer wander through their yard, and coyotes serenade them on a nightly basis. 

Jamie recently left his “day job” as a tech support analyst to be a full-time writer.

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