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Review Tour ~ On The Third Kiss by George Loveland (Giveaway)

Review Tour ~ On The Third Kiss by George Loveland (Giveaway)

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Length: 40,000 words approx.

Cover Design: Meredith Russell


Sebastian Bennett is really looking forward to his Christmas holiday with boyfriend Elliot Bolton in the Gran Canarian sun. The only thing left is for him to sing one last song at the pub as his Drag Queen alter-ego, Donna Tracey. After the wig, make-up and dress come off, he rushes home to pack, only to find he and his chihuahua, Buster, have been deserted by Elliot, who’s taken someone else to Gran Canaria. Devastated, Elliot turns to his friend and the pub’s manager, Javier Reyes-Martinez, who helps him pick up the pieces.

Javier seems determined to bring fun and laughter back into Sebastian’s life during this holiday season, and Sebastian is both grateful and enchanted. After a family Christmas and a word of advice from his great-uncle, Sebastian starts to look at Javier in a different light. Is Javier as fond of Sebastian as he appears, or is Sebastian being misled by his own need? If he’s reading the signs right—and if he’s ready to move on from his previous heartbreak—could he and Javier be much more than friends?

4.5 Stars!!!

Sebastian is ready to go on a Christmas holiday with his boyfriend, but when he gets home after his last performance as drag queen Donna Tracey, he finds that Elliot left with someone else for their vacation.

Disappointed and hurt, Sebastian returns to the pub and Javier, the manager, is determined to make things better for Seb. Sebastian is grateful for his friend, who he has started to see in a new light, but is there more than friendship between him and Javier or is Seb just projecting?

Oblivious, thy name is Sebastian! Really! It was so obvious that Javier was more interested than Seb made him out to be and definitely a much better catch than the creepy ex Elliot. Javier was supporting and sweet and every time he called Seb cariño I would melt. That's one of my favorite endearments in Spanish. *dreamy sigh* Sebastian was great and his alter ego, Donna, was fierce. But yeah, no matter how many of their friends and Seb's family insinuated that Javier was interested, Sebastian just wouldn't get a clue.

I adored Buster, Seb's chihuahua and I hated Elliot with a passion, and really would've liked to have a bit more closure regarding him.

Other than that, the book was fun to read, enjoyable, fast-paced, with a fantastic set of characters and an entertaining storyline that kept my interest until the last page. Very recommendable!

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***

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Author Bio

George was about eighteen when he told his friend that he was going to be a writer. It took him another eighteen years before he finally did anything about it and wrote his first short story. A typical Englishman, he drinks buckets of tea with milk—but no sugar, because he is sweet enough. His Nan told him so.

George lives just outside of London, but close enough to enjoy Soho and the West End, where you will find him in a bar with a pint, in a club dancing into the early hours of the morning, or enjoying a musical in the theater; but more than likely he will be in a coffee shop reading a book or writing a new story. Currently single, but taking applications for future husband position, George enjoys crafting romantic stories in which he hopes that one day, life will imitate art.



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